Beat The Boss 4 Mod Apk V1.7.5 (Unlimited Coins) Free 2022

Another hit after the success of Tap Titans and Hit the Buddy, Beat the Boss 4 Mod Apk is one of a kind stress-relieving game by the genius’ of the Game hive corporation.
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Nov 24, 2022
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Another hit after the success of Tap Titans and Hit the Buddy, Beat the Boss 4 Mod Apk is one of a kind stress-relieving game by the genius’ of the Game Hive Corporation. Bearing the bullying of your bosses from day to day becomes unbearable sometimes and you can do nothing except sit fuming at your desk. But, it ends from now on since; Beat the Boss has got your back.

The reason behind the popularity of the game is that it so frees you of the entire grudge you carry inside you. Instead of taking it out on your boss and getting fired, you can always tap open the game and get that anger out on the robot boss. The best part is, they can do you no harm, you can beat the hell out of him with office supplies or weapons, and the choice is yours.

Beat The Boss 4 APK Info Table

Name Beat the Boss 4
Developers Game Hive Corporation
Genre Action
Size 129.96MB
Version 1.7.5
Android Requirement 5.0 or up
Downloads 10000000+
Last Updated Nov 24, 2022

Download Beat the Boss 4

You do not need to go around here and there to look and search for proper and official download link and the detailed or brief information about the game and also the download procedure, use of the game and different questions that you have in your mind because all such information is provided already in this article.

Just read and explore this article from one end to the other. As I mentioned that you can download this game from this site, so the download link is given here. Just tap on the download button and it will start downloading. After downloading is completed, enjoy the game, and beat your boss as you want.

Beat the Boss 4 APK PC

You can enjoy the game on bigger screens of your computer as well. Simply search for beat the boss 4 mod for Windows and install the file. Then you are good to go playing the game on the computer.


The story of the game is a story of every other employee who is tormented by his boss. In other words, it is your story where your boss tries very hard to make you feel depressed. But, things are changing and now your boss is below you as you have the authority. You are given a robot to give him skin and shape according to the looks of your boss. When you are done, you can do want ever to want to do with your boss: severe beating.

Beat the Boss 4 Gameplay

The game is quite simple to play. However, it would be better to say that it is not much of a game. To be clear, you are not bound by any type of mission and accomplishments. Instead, you have one and only purpose in life and that is to hit your boss as hard and as much as you can.

In this regard, the game provides you supplies from as small and simple as a pencil and as big and damaging as statutes, guns, and bombs. You can pick your favorite torture device from the weapons section on the right side of the screen and make the most of those weapons.

 Moreover, the controls also go pretty well according to the style of the game. You only have to tap anywhere on the screen to throw the items or shoot. Or, you can change the position of the boss as well and the good news is you have unlimited lifelines. Download the game and enjoy 30 levels with 130 types of weapons to unleash on the bosses. You might also like Total Mayhem Mod.

Features of Beat the Boss 4

Beat the Boss 4 is not an ordinary game and so are its features. As it is going to relieve your stress it should have a variety of features to live up to your expectations. So, let’s explore them without any further ado.

Pick Your Weapons

As you are going to torture your bosses you are going to need some weapons to execute your plan. But, when you start off you have nothing except for the office supplies. Like pencils, rulers and thumb pins, or other stuff like soda cans are available at first. However, when you get good at torturing you can choose advanced tools like splatter guns, fly swatter, light bulbs, guns, bombs, blades, and other cool stuff. But, in order to use all these things you need to make some money.   


You are going to deal with the rudest bosses ever. However, the good news is that you can choose the type of boss you want. The game starts with the office Joe but you can also go for Stuck up Jack or Gossip Heather. Choosing your own boss to torture adds spice to the game. Beat the Boss 4 Wiki might help you in this regard.

Heavy Hits

You can play little pranks secretly at your workplace but you are afraid of getting caught. Therefore, the game allows you to play it according to the emotions inside you. If you are not that much angry at your boss pencils and fly swatters would be enough. But, if it is way beyond that, you can always go for

  • DuelShot
  • MP5
  • M249
  • Desert Eagle
  • Cloud Sword
  • Exploding Kunia
  • UFO

And many other things that you think your boss deserves.


If you get bored of beating your boss in one place you can always go out and choose the torture venue according to your mood. There are lots of places to visit apart from the office such as

  • Gameshop
  • Movie Theater
  • Campground
  • Ruins
  • Dino Park
  • Graveyard
  • Chamber           
  • Haunted House

And many more places that would surprise you as you move about. So, choose your favorite spot to beat your boss.


The game gives you another advantage of working with Robot Bosses, you can customize them. Is not it fun to make your boss look the way you want? So, you can choose his hairstyles or even make him bald. Fix your favorite eyes expression in the sockets of your boss, like freaky eyes, ratty eyes, Legal eyes, security eyes, and more. You can also pick nose, teeth, hats, mustache, glasses, shoes, and dresses.

Relieve Stress

As the basic purpose of developing the game is to make you stress-free of your office load and the bossy bosses. All you have to do is pick the torture device, and set it on your boss one after another without taking a breath. Make your boss stand in a corner and start showering pens, bullets, bombs, or whatever you want. Just get that stress out.


The best part is, you get rewards for beating your boss. You don’t only make your head lighter by hitting your bosses hard but also earn bucks and even diamonds for doing so. You can use the reward to buy yourself some nice weapons. Or, you can dress your boss first with neat attire and then hit him. The game is yours. If you are interested in making real bucks try Cash App Plus Plus Free Money.


When it comes to graphics you can judge the colors and designs if you have played Tap Titans or Hit the Buddy. The graphics are more like hit the buddy. The simple plain design gives you a clear description of everything around you. And, the rich colors make you want to play it.

Moreover, the sound effects of the throwing objects and the exclamation of pain and mocking add fun to the beating. Besides, there is no music in the game as you see most of the game. It means that you can focus on beating more without any external disturbances. As it is an action game you might also enjoy playing Batman Dark Knight Rises Apk.

Beat the Boss 4-Mod Unlimited Coins

If you are irritated with your boss only a little, small objects will do just fine to hurt him. But if a pencil is not enough for you and your need more money to buy bigger objects like guns, bombs, statutes, and blades, you need money. Therefore, you should go for Beat the Boss 4 that gives you Unlimited Money to buy as many weapons as you can.


There are no escaping rude people, be them your bosses, colleagues, or people you see from day to day. Above that, you can say a single word to them sometimes out of fear or to maintain the relationship. However, Beat the Boss 4 Apk gives you a great deal to take a feeling of annoyance without hurting anybody. Then, why not download the game from this page and let us know in the comments below who you are to taking the robot bosses for.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is new in the latest version of the Beat the Boss 4 App?

Bugs are fixed and graphics are redesigned in a new way.

Can I use heavy weapons freely?

No, to use them, you must pay some cost in form of gold coins which will be given to you during gaming levels while successfully achieving victory.

What is the Mod feature of Beat the Boss 4?

The Mod feature is unlimited money that helps you buy as many items/weapons as you want.


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