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The best army for clash of clans is significant and much needed to play clash of clans. Clash of clans is a strategic game in which players
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Nov 21, 2022
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The best army for clash of clans is significant and much needed to play clash of clans. Clash of clans is a strategic game in which players do many tasks like building the village and competing in battle. For all these acts, players have the best battle troops or army that is defeated in war. 

Moreover, in the clash of clans, players should train their army for fighting. Because many players can participate in the game worldwide. Furthermore, you must play a unique battle with the best army to achieve unlimited money, weapons, and many more unlocked things.

Rebellious army                                             

Firstly, the importance of the best army is a high necessity for a robust defense mechanism. Therefore, in a clash of the clan, it’s a top priority of a player to assemble a greater army to fight with their enemies and also to protect themselves from these enemies’ attacks. 

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COC offers players a wide range of army and troops with outstanding features. Each has its capabilities and performance. 

There is a massive list of these troops. Some of the best army troops are:-

  • Yeti
  • Super witch
  • Healer
  • Hog rider
  • Bowler
  • Super dragon
  • Log launcher
  • Ice hound
  • Flame flinger 
  • P.E.K.K.A


The yeti is a splash-devastating army. When Barracks are upgraded to town hall 14, which needs town hall level 12, you can unlock this troop.

Super witch

The super witch is a super duper troop established on a witch’s base. This troop can only be unlocked when the witch is at least 5 levels of the town hall, and you boost up the witch.

Hog rider

The hog rider is a short ground army with average hit points, minimum damage, and the potential to jump over the enemy’s walls. You can unlock this troop at dark Barracks level.


This is a troop act as a bouncer man. They throw the massive rocks that bounce and deal with the damage like splash repeatedly damaging, whether on an initial bounce or after its landing.

Super Dragon

When the player has a beautiful army and continuously levels up one by one, he gets the super dragon at level seven. Super dragon should be unlocked by raising the dragon and is a super duper troop based on the dragon.

Log launcher of Best Army For Clash of Clans

During the clash of the clan, when the workshop is upgraded at level five, the fifth siege machine log launcher can be unlocked. Log launcher can help travel up to twenty-five tiles or more than it.

Ice Hound in Best Army For Clash of Clans

Clash of a clan also has a unique troop like an ice hound.

Flame Flinger

At level six, when the workshop is upgraded, you got flame Fieger unlocked as a sixth siege machine in the game.

P.E.K.K.A in Best Army For Clash of Clans

When Barracks standard upgraded to level ten, P.E.K.K.A can be unlocked. This is a slow and costly single-target melee Elixir troop in a clash of clans.

Final words

This article is about the best army for clash of clans, where we discussed all the army characters in detail. Further through this topic, you get too many hidden army factors you don’t know about. We hope you like the topic.

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