How to Install YouTube Vanced Apk For Android Devices

The renowned modded version of YouTube that comes with additional features for providing entertainment is the YouTube vanced apk. In this modded version, a user finds many facilities to watch videos and listen to music in their style.

Due to specific issues, this version of official YouTube is stopped in the past year. But you can install it again by its specific procedure. Here we discussed how to install the YouTube vanced apk without error.

You can get it on Google Play Store

You can avail yourself of countless features by downloading the YouTube vanced apk on your android devices. There are different mechanisms for installing the YouTube vanced apk. Here we discuss the simple and faster way of installing YouTube.

Download & Install YouTube vanced apk

YouTube vanced is the popular version that comes with many features. In this version, users can listen to payback music, download videos, and set themes according to their requirements. You can install it on your android and other devices.

When we talk about installing the YouTube vanced apk, it is simple. The developers of the YouTube vanced apk introduced the installation by using the advanced manager application. This technique proves more straightforward in installing this app on your devices.

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When you download the vanced manager app, it will direct you to the more straightforward installation of this music app.

Let’s move to the steps you need to take to install the YouTube vanced apk.

  • In the first step, you need to download the YouTube vanced app manager on your android devices. Be careful on downloading because it would be challenging to find the latest version of this app.
  • After downloading the YouTube vanced manager app, you need to open it.
  • Plyer needs to focus on selecting the non-root during the wizard configuration.
  • Then the player needs to tap on the install.
  • In terms of installation, you need to follow the given instructions.
  • Allow third application on your device and enable all unknown resources from your Android device setting.
  • On completing the downloading of microG, you shall need to tap on the install.
  • And then tap on the advanced app for installation.
  • After this, users need to choose their selected them and then tap on the NEXT.
  • Then you need to select your language and then tap on the finish.

Finally, the YouTube vanced apk is installed, and now you can enjoy it.


You can avail yourself of countless features by downloading the YouTube vanced apk.

Ads blocking

The first and extraordinary adventure of the app is that it blocks ads. This means you can enjoy your favorite music without any ad disturbance.

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Simple mechanism

Other advantage is that youtube vanced consists of a simple mechanism.

Background playing

The beautiful part of the app is that you can enjoy playing music in the background.In the official YouTube app, this feature is not available.

More Elements

  • Customizations
  • Downloads videos in your phone gallery

Final words

The introduction of different apps in this modern time creates many sources of leisure. And in which vanced YouTube is the renowned application in terms of getting entertainment with lots of components. Here we discussed how to install the YouTube vanced apk on your android devices.

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