Clash of Clan Builder (Base Design, Strategies & Links) 2022

In Clash of clan builder play a significant role. Builders are the workers living inside the builder hut. Builders help to upgrade heroes
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Nov 21, 2022
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In Clash of clan builder play a significant role. Builders are the workers living inside the builder hut. Builders help to upgrade heroes as well as the building structures. In-game, you need to upgrade walls through builder but no need for different things such as decoration, traps, etc.

Many barriers are removed with the help of builders. In the clash of clan, only one builder work at a time on building. Further, you can also upgrade the structure of buildings. Many types of builders work in the clash of clans.

Battle builder hut gameplay

The builder is moving around his hut, standing guard with his armor. The range of the battle builder hut is six tiles. So, when it starts firing at your troops, then it will be activated as soon as a troop is deployed, even if it is not within its radius. It will only be able to fire at that troop once it enters the six-tile range.

Besides this, If you damage the battle builder hut, the builder becomes aware of this and starts to repair the builder hut until it is fully regenerated. Now, you can’t attack the builder himself; he is immune to your troops, but he will go ahead and constantly repair that building.

In the meantime, there’s something very cool: the builder is not limited to the builder hut, but when you finally manage to take it down, he ducks underneath and is protected from damage. Interestingly, the traditional builder hut is unaffected because it’s not a defense.

Features of Clash of Clan Builder

Builder effect

Besides this, sometimes builders are not considered the protecting soldiers in battle. They may be affected by the following spells:

Freeze Spell in Clash of Clan Builder

This spell stops builders from repairing.

Lightning Spell

This spell forced the builder to attack again, and also lightning spell stunned him.

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Invisibility Spell

The invisibility spell makes invisible all the buildings around him.

Poison Spell

This spell can steady up the repairing rate.

Rage Spell in Clash of Clan Builder

Builder can also be affected by the rage spell.

Unlock builders

In the clash of clans, a total of 5 builders are available. You can unlock all these builders quickly and without spending extra money.

In the beginning, developers already unlocked builder one for players and gave 250 gems. Don’t spend your gems on resources.

By spending little gems, upgrade your builder by completing encouraging tutorials, this is unnecessary, so if you complete each construction by waiting some time, that’s how you can save your gems.

  • Moving ahead, the cost of each builder hut is as follows:
  • 500 gems for the 3rd Builder hut
  • 1000 gems for the 4th Builder hut
  • 2000 gems 5th Builder hut

Final Words

Clash of clan builders is the main character that helps to do a lot of work and upgrade the structure of a game. Builders are the strong man with colored eyes blue color with big noses and wearing brown leather pants with yellow-brown aviator hats, carry their weapons.

What's new

Various minor bug fixes and improvements


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