Deep Town Mod Apk v5.7.1 (Unlimited Money) Free 2022

Use advanced technology and Spells to remove the folds of crusts and discover the hidden secrets below in Deep Town Mod Apk.
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Rockbite Game
Nov 20, 2022
4.4 or up

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Secrets buried under the layers of the earth have always intrigued man since the beginning. Even though he has not reached far enough to see things he wishes to, he has managed to fanaticize this concept into a game, Deep Town Mod Apk. If you want to see what is in there, try playing this game.

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Deep Town Mining Factory is sci-fi where you have quite advanced machines and robots that get things done for you. As the things are easier with the help of high tech you dig faster and dipper than and the chances to reach the hidden artifacts increase more. Moreover, you build mining stations after covering a certain distance of digging. In short, digging or mining is more fun and easier with animated tech, mining stations, heavy machinery to work with it is the best exploring game you need.

Deep Town Mod Apk Information Table

Name Deep Town: Mining Factory – Idle Tycoon
Developers Rockbite Game
Genre Strategy
Size 75MB
Version 5.7.1
Android Requirements4.4 or up
Downloads 50000000+
Last Updated Nov 20, 2022

Download Deep Town Mod Apk

You can get the game with a few easy steps for any device.

Deep Town Mod Apk For Android

For an Android phone, you can go with the following steps.

  • Turn on Unknown Sources in your device settings.
  • Tap on the download button to get started.
  • Save the file on your device.
  • Install and enjoy digging.

Deep Town Mod Apk For PC

For windows, the process is also quite simple.

  • Look for the Mod APK version of Injustice on your browser.
  • Select a website you want to download from.
  • Tap on the button and download the file.
  • Save and then install it on your PC.
  • There you go.

Deep Town Original App

You can get it from Play Store as well as follows.

  • Search for the game in Google Play.
  • Then hit the install button.
  • Download and enjoy.

Deep Town: Mining Factory Gameplay

The gameplay is entirely different from all the games that you might have played before. It gives you an adventurous digging where you are hired by some mining industry that pays you to dig. You can dig for them and get lots of money in return which you can use to buy your objects and start working for your passion.

The gameplay takes a start with your shipping landing on the planet. Mind that, it is not an ordinary spaceship but has features to blow your mind as you play on. So, as soon as it lands on the surface of the planet it emits a laser to dig penetrate through the first layer.

Once you succeed in breaking two to three layers you unlock your first skill of drilling. Now, you can both use and drills to increase breakage. As you advance in the game you unlock many skills that are more damaging than the previous ones. This adds to the fun because with new techniques you get to reach the bottom faster.

During all this digging, you find so many things. Some of them are rare and others are found in abundance. The fun part is if you think that you don’t need the abundant findings much you can always sell them and get the money to do worthy stuff. We will look at the features below to explore more about the game that will excite you. Moreover, if strategy games fascinate you don’t forget to try Grow Empire Rome Mod Apk.

Features of Deep Town

Deep Town is a game with many hidden secrets that you would only come to know when you enter the other world of wonders. However, we are giving you a glimpse of what it looks like in the game. If you like it, feel free to hit the download button.

Digging and Mining

The two words are commonly used interchangeably as they are different mining. This is, digging is just an action performed by a person or a machine. On the other hand, mining has a purpose that depends on the person going for it. In other words, you explore things during mining by digging.

So, the game is about digging and mining. In order to perform it well, you are armed with many high techs in the first place. Like lasers, machines, ships, and interestingly enough, robots. You have robots for men who make the whole work way quicker and more fun. The point is, you have to make the most of the technology at hand and reach as deeper as possible to see what lies below the think layers.

Machinery and Skills

To make it more fun the developers have added a bit of animation to the sci-fi touch of the game. It means that you have advanced technology to use for mining which helps you do more in lesser time. For this purpose, use drills that work on their own, laser that has a high intensity that can break the rock easily. With both machines and skills, Spells Tree, you can accomplish your goal quietly easily. Some of the skills and machines are given for you to know beforehand.

  • Laser Zap
  • Disposable Bots
  • Dagger Spells
  • Fire Blast
  • Ice Freeze
  • Pumper Bot
  • Nano Cloud
  • Miracle Gas
  • Electric Zap
  • Repair Bot
  • Electric Discharger
  • Green Laser
  • Bomb
  • Red Laser
  • Toxic Bomb

You get to unlock each skill at a certain level as you make progress. Moreover, the higher the level you reach the more damaging skill you acquire. In other words, as you go down the list the power of your skills gets stronger. If you like this game Total Conquest Mod Apk might also interest you.


As the whole point of the game is exploring, you explore many things as you go deeper. You would probably know that near the surface of the surface there is not much exciting to look for and get. However, as you dig deeper the hard work starts paying off in treasures one after another. As I have said before that the game is fiction you are likely to explore things like that. Anyway, it is not much of a lesser deal though. You get

  • Coal
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Amber
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Emerald
  • Platinum
  • Topaz
  • Ruby
  • Amethyst
  • Diamond
  • Aluminum

All the findings mentioned above are the raw resources. You have to refine them and make worth it jewelry material which is called polished material in the game. Besides, if you are interested in selling the stones you get more money after refining them than the raw ones.

Into the Deep

The deeper you go into the earth the more jaw-dropping findings meet your eyes. Apart from the relics and stones, you find something way beyond the material that is ready to excite you. As it is sci-fi, you see many alien things that make you wonder though-out the game. You witness extraordinary things that make you glued to the game. And there are not just layers of rocks and soil waiting for you, there are deadly creatures for bosses. Learn spells and fight the boss so they may not hinder the way to your destination.

Deep Town: Mining Factory Apk (Mod, Unlimited Money)

No there no denying that money is the most essential thing we need to survive, be it a game or real life. Similarly, in Deep Town Mod Apk you need money to do a lot of stuff. Therefore, you are in constant want of money. For this purpose, the modified version of the game gives a mod feature that gives you unlimited money to meet all your needs.

In the game, you need money to perform many tasks that are important to your mining progress. For example upgrading the machines, building stuff, installing new stations, and more. Besides, it is more exciting to play the game when you have enough coins to enjoy it. If exploring interests you try a different app named Poot Apk.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of game Mining Factory Mod apk is?

Deep town is a type of science fiction that takes you way ahead in time and shows you want you now thought to be impossible.

Is Deep Town Mod Apk for free?

Yes, you can get the game for free without paying a single penny.

Can you download Deep Town Mining Factory Mod Apk from Play Store?

Yes, you can get the game from Google Store quite quickly, and the steps are given in the download section. 

What's new

- Bug fixes


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