Download New Version of Zombie Tsunami MOD Apk

Current version of zombie tsunami game is v 4.5.2 which has size of 66 MB, and this is updated size of its unlocked and hacked version. When we talk about the game, one thing that suddenly come into our mins is that in this game what is the role of the player or user which is currently playing the game.

About the Game

As it is related to zombies and different other games are also related to the zombies. But all of these games are not excited as this game is. It has many reasons like its story line, map view, graphics, and unlimited levels. But beside of all these reasons, one basic reason is the character of the player in the game play.

In other zombies’ games, player has to fight against zombies, and they are acting like the enemies of the player which is our main character in any game. But in this game, the story line and the character of the player is something different.

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