Download Zombie Diary 2: Evolution Mod APK v1.2.4(Unlimited Money and Gems)

is an other zombies apocalypse game where you are surround with the army of brainless with weapons in one hand and magic portions in the other. Unlike other dead vs mortals game, it is flooded with unique features like huge variety of equipment in store, exciting modes, interesting characters, advanced machines and not to mention the zombie shop where you exchange zombie parts for human items.

Zombie Diary 2 Gameplay

So the game starts with day 1, as you are keeping the record in your zombie diary. On your first day you are taken to the target location to kill zombies. It is quite fun and easy task die to the easy to master controls: 2 lets and right buttons and one fire button. You have to kills the number of zombies you are assigned at the beginning. Or you can play in modes like money mode, running mode and time limit more where you are assigned different job.

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