Dungeon Quest Mod Apk v3.1.2.1 (Free Shopping) Free 2022

Fight dragons, mages, goblins and other mythical creatures, with warriors and Wizards in the thrilling game of Dungeon Quest.
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Shiny Box
Nov 24, 2022
4.0 or up

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Dungeon Quest Mod Apk app is basically suspense creating game having size of 48Mb and version is v3.1.2.1 which is latest version. Actually, in this game you will hire an army of fantastic superheroes creation through which one can rule the world by controlling them all.

If I want to say that when you look upon the superheroes game of other creatures like dragons, dinosaurs and same as other species then it would be the most precious and wonderful moment and experience for you in your life.

Remember one thing that in this type of game, you had not an absolute control on the species as they also had to rest in form of sleep and also, they had to breed which will also act as an army for you. So, you can say that it is really necessary not for them only but also for you that you must manage the time to give them proper rest.

Dungeon Quest Apk Basic Info Table

Name Dungeon Quest MOD Apk
Developers Shiny box, LLC
Genre RPG
Size 48MB
Android Requirement 4.0 or up
Downloads 50000000+
Last Updated Nov 24, 2022

Dungeon Quest Mod APK Download

To downloading the game, you have not necessarily gone around in different sites and articles to explore because all the basic, general, and detailed information that anyone require will be provided here in this article. You have to explore the article and read the instructions given here keenly.

Download link is given here. Just tap on the download button. Downloading will complete very soon as it had not much size of file. And after completing the download, enjoy the game by playing it. You can also check it at other platforms.

Dungeon Quest Game

The gameplay lets you have fun at every step of your walk through dungeons. You first need to select the mode you want to play in, we suggest going with campaign mode as it is readily available. If you want to play battle mode you have to login first. So, after you are into the campaign mode, you get to play in the dungeons acts and floors.

In the acts and floors you have to kills the army of the different bosses and finally each both at the end of each act. You have controls to attack on the right and to move the player on the left. You can choose between two attacks at first but the other two section unlock along the way. Also try Hero Wars Mod APK.

You can use the map if you want yourself lost in the dungeons, they guide you where you have to go. Besides, fighting you also get shrine to active which bless you with different strengths. At the end of each floor you have green portal which take you to the next floor and eventually to the next act. Keep going through acts using the best spells and Dungeon Quest weapons. If you find yourself getting weaker, just use the readily available portions for health and mana and you are good to go. Read further to know about the features in detail. You can play with friends by making a team against bosses as well.

Dungeon Quest APK

Be it Dungeon Quested modded version or the original one both have a amazing features with a little bit of difference. So, the features that are common to both are listed below.


The game has basically two modes which allow you to play in your style. However, one of the mode is limited to play due to its login and purchase requirement in the original app. Two modes of the game are:

Campaign Mode

Before getting into the campaign mode you get to choose you player which the mage at first. You unlock more characters as the game advances. In this mode you roam the dungeons one by one and fight the boss raid Dungeon Quest and their spawn. This mode is quite exciting due to the exciting challenges that never let you turn the game off.

Battle Arena

Battle Arena is a locked version in the original app which you have to login to play. As the name suggests you can take part in thrilled battles with the heroes of your choice. You can use different boosts and powers to make yourself powerful enough to beat the opponents.


Dungeons are the most interests part of game and why they won’t be, the game is named after them. The dungeon hold many secrets that allow you to explore them and make the most out of them as you go. Dungeons are consists of acts and floors.


The acts are the other game for stages in this game, you go though one act at a time like act1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. During the each act you over come the boss to move to the next. Each act has many parts which at length lead you to the boss of that act. In other words, you defeat spawns of the bosses to reach them. These acts are:

  • Journey to the lair of Limorex
  • Journey to the desert of Malum Anguis
  • Climb the Mountains to Nix Gigas

and the list goes on. Each act is named after the boss which you have to face eventually. Meanwhile, you prepare yourself to fight the boss with the magic items that you have been collecting along the way.


Floors are the parts of the acts, and each act has many floors. You go through floors of each act and at the last floor you meat the boss. While you are on the floors you fight the mages, spawns and other types of monsters that keep you from reaching their boss.

While you are on the floors you activate shrines, collect magic items, fight spawns, explore dungeons and more. Each floor has its own specially regarding its act. Like in the first you roam the green area, in the second one there is a desert, in the third one you experience cold and so on. It gets more and more engaging as you play.


The boosts of the game make it easier and engrossing to play. There are many types of boosts that you can use to make yourself powerful. The boosts are:

  • Item Rarity
  • Experience
  • Gold Find
  • Mythstone Find
  • Pickup Radius and more


Inventory is the collection of items that pick along the way to the bosses. The spawn and mage you kills give you these items or your may get it through crates found on the way. There are many exciting items that you collect and they make you so powerful that you can image. These items include

  • Staffs with varying powers and specialties
  • Orbs with different powers
  • Hatchets with varying strength
  • Braces with their protective shields
  • Stone like Diamond, Angelite, Calcite and more.
  • Swords with different sharpness

and so on. You can also sell the items you don’t want and make money. Each item can be used by specific class so be careful not to fill the inventory with unnecessary items. Besides these, you can also get Dungeon Quest armor for protection.


The stats tell you about the level of you characters. You get a level up by killing the spawns. The more you kills, higher the level you reach. Whenever you get a level up you have to go to the Stats section to use that level up. You can level up

  • Power
  • Health
  • Mana

Power gives the characters’ spell more strength to damage the opponents. Health increases the durability during the battles and campaign. Whereas, the mana increases you attack frequency without making you getting exhausted by running out of mana. Moreover, you get red and blue orbs along the way for mana and power portions.


The best thing about the game is that you can choose heroes that let you customize the game to some extent. In the hero section next stats, you get to know and upgrade all your hero super powers and spells. These are the powers that you use during the battles and quests in dungeons. These Dungeon Quest spells and powers are:

  • Blast, Comet, Pierce, Barrage
  • Teleport, Skullshield, Manashield, Summon
  • Twister, Meteor, Orb, Storm
  • Shatter, Skulldrage, Timewrap, Command
  • Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Fortune

In the game you have different types of strengths which are attack and protections, and summons and more. These specialties depend on the magic item you use.


Codex is a book that keep counts of your collections and tasks that you have performed so far. It tells you about a lot of things like:

  • Feats let you about the tasks you have performed for your benefit like collecting gold, opened chests and carte and more.
  • Dictionary contains information about the items’ affix, skills formulas, maps and more.
  • Legendex lets you about Wizard, Warriors, Rouges and Pets

In case you found difficulty in understanding the game, you can always use codex for help.


Finally. the shop section lets you buy items that you need to strengthen yourself. The limitation is that you have to buy things for real money, which is not good. On the other hand, the things that you can buy with gold are too expensive to afford.

But you don’t have to get worried about it as the modded version have things unlocked for you. You can buy anything you want without worrying about the money.


The controls of the game are pretty smooth as easy to handles. Like for move button you don’t have to touch at a specific area, you can touch anywhere on the screen to get the cursor. This makes it way easier to act quicker than the specified move buttons. On the other hand, the attack buttons are quite cool that let you use them as easily as you use the move button.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics of the game are so amazing that you find yourself lost in it while playing. Even though they don’t look realistic, they are good enough to engross the player for hours. The 3D character designing make the game total fun for you to play.

As for the sound effects you can enjoy the crispy sounds that make the gameplay thrilling for you. Both the music and sound effect go hand in hand in making the game fun for you. However, if you don’t like them you can turn them off anytime you want. You will also like Epic Conquest Mod APK.

Dungeon Quest Mod APK Free Shopping v2.4

Dungeon Quest app is fun of in-app purchases which hinder that fun for the players. But the mod version has got your back as it give you Dungeon Quest unlock all especially the shop where you don’t have to shop with real money. Just get the mod version from this page and but whatever you want without running out of money and all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I download Dungeon Quest Mod?

You should because in this game you will find more and new world, creatures and curiosity in which bugs are fixed with mod version that gives you everything unlocked.

Does Dungeon Quest APK harm devices?

Yes, as it concerns to our site, it is absolutely safe because we are using its official link. But if you have already some issues or using other untrusted sites then we offer no guarantee.

What is in the new version of Dungeon Quest APK Mod?

In this latest version, new world will be discovering, and bugs are already fixed.


What's new

In patch 3.1 we introduced new rare item/weapons sets. In this patch we are increasing the drop rate of the new item sets and adjusting their stats.
Several gold purchases have been adjusted to give more gold when purchasing.
For issues with a previous purchase please try the following:
Start Dungeon Quest
On the main menu press "Settings" then "Social/IAP" then "Restore Purchases"


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