How to Convert Exe to APK 4 Ways for Android and PC

If you are looking for any application, software, any program, or tool for converting the Exe file into Apk form then this is best tool. But there are many questions arise at that time about Exe like:
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Exe to APK is a tool that is used to convert any Exe file from your computer to Apk form to use in android smartphone. If you are looking for any application, software, any program, or tool for converting the Exe file into Apk form then this is best tool. But there are many questions arise at that time about Exe like:

  • What is Exe?
  • What is APK?
  • Why is there any need to convert exe into Apk?
  • And finally, why it is the best application or tool for this reason?

Now discuss each of the following one by one.

What is Exe?

Exe is a program file that is opened only in iOS or Windows software. And by name it is abbreviation of executable file. Executable file means any program that runs automatically. And Exe is extension file that is to be executed. Always, be noted that whenever any file names end with the name “exe” its means that it is a file that has specific program or a single file extension program which runs immediately when we click on the button “open” and most probably it opens by a double click.

What is APK?

The full formate name of the APK word means Android Package that is exactly the same as exe in PC system. It means you can put any file in your android smartphone and install your desired applications just like Exe in your windows or PC.

Why is there any need to convert this?

By the passage of time, our era becomes modern and more technologized. There are many apps, files and programs introduced for our PC, Windows and also for Android smartphones. No doubt, Android system is largest and very divers system that we have now. But the files we used in our computers are large in size than our android smartphones. So, in short, we can say that we simply can not use the files of our computers in our smartphone device and vice versa.

So, to overcome this problem, this application has developed. In this modern era, everybody has its smartphone in his pocket and avoid from computer usage. Avast Cleanup Premium Apk can be downloaded. So, this is basic need to convert the files of our computers into android system.


To convert this, following are the requirements given below.

  • You must have your computer/laptop and android smartphone.
  • Second thing is the “ convertor tool” by which you have to convert the file.
  • Third one is the “ application”.
  • And the last but not least is your internet connection.
  • Note one thing that if you download this app direct from Google Play Store then there will be not mention any formate, reviews, and updates.

How to convert Exe to APK?

There are four basic and easy methods to convert this which are mention below one by one.

1: By Using Convertor Tool:

If you want to convert the file by this method, then at first you have to download the convertor tool through which one will convert the file in your device. According to my opinion the best convertor tool is “ APK Installer” and the “ Launcher convertor Tool”. For downloading this tool, click on the given link below.

Step 1. Download the software from the given below link/ download button and the download will start automatically without any hurdle and let me ensure you its very safe for your device.

Step 2. Install the application and then start the program. When its being installed then you will show two options namely:

  • I have the setup files.
  • I have a portable application.
  • First you click on the 2nd option then click on the “Next” option given below.

Step 3. At that time, your program has been started and now you can convert your file into APK by browsing the file. And yes, one thing to be noted is that the time taken totally depends upon the size of your file.

And now after installing the file you can copy, paste, and use this file in your smartphone device.

2. By Using a File Opener:

Basically, this file opener is also an android program that is used to convert and extract exe files to apk formate. And the best file opener is INNO configuration extractor. And the best thing about it is more easy and straight forward runner software ever used. To download it, link is given below.

Following are the steps:

  • At first, download the application.
  • Secondly, open your INNO app file extractor and then find out/browse your exe file which has to be converted.
  • Then execute your desired program file.
  • Now you can use the converted file into your smartphone device.

You can also watch the video tutorial about INNO use. Link is given below.

3. By Using the Dox Box App:

This app is available at Google Play Store as – AfreeBox and here is link given below to download the app and smoothly run your program.

You should download the app and insert your executed file in it but be sure that you should remember the folder name from which you will get the file in form of APK and will use. If your device will be 100% compliant with AfreeBox then it will run very smoothly.

Another 4th way is showen bellow through Video portion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it take much time to execute/change the file?

Not at all, it only depends upon your program or file size.

Why do we need to use this?

There is not any forced program to use it. but as you know exe file only open in computer not in android due to different reasons including large size of file which smartphone does not allow and bear and so for the android file which computer does not allowed. For using these files into both devices, one must use these tools.

Can these tools damage our devices?

No, these tools are totally safe. Even if there is any chance, then device will alarm you. And if you are continuously trying to open exe file in android and apk into computer then it might harm your device sometimes.


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