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The thing that makes the app stand out from all the photo editing app is that you don't only get basic features to adjust the brightness, crop, and all that, instead you can change the expression, age, gender, and other features of the person in the photo.
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Nov 16, 2022
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FaceApp is one of the most loved photo editing apps, and you would find it in the form of every selfie fanatic. The thing that makes the app stand out from all the photo editing app is that you don’t only get basic features to adjust the brightness, crop, and all that, instead you can change the expression, age, gender, and other features of the person in the photo.

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Another thing that comes pretty handy while using it is that you can download the pictures of your favorite celebrities and start editing them right there without any fuss of importing from the gallery. To your surprise, you get all these things accessible. So, why not get the most of this fantastic app by downloading it for free from this page?

FaceApp Mod APK Information Table

Name FaceApp
Developers FaceApp Technology Ltd
Genre Photography
Size 19MB
Version 5.0.0
Android Requirement 4.4 or up
Downloads 500000000+
Last Updated Nov 16, 2022

Free Download FaceAPP APK

Below, three methods are given to download the app for different devices.

Firstly, to get the app for Android, you need to follow the steps given.

  • Go to your phone setting and turn on the Unknown Sources.
  • Then look for the download button on this page.
  • Hit the button to start downloading.
  • Save the app in your phone memory for convenience.
  • Install and have fun!

Secondly, to get the app for Windows, do as follows.

  • Search for the app on Google Chrome.
  • Click on one of the sites that the browser suggests.
  • Look for the download button and click on it.
  • Install and enjoy the app.

You can get the app from Play Store as follows.

  • First, type the name of the app in the search bar and press enter.
  • The app will appear, then click on the install.
  • It will start downloading get installed into your phone automatically.

How to Use FaceApp APK Mod

It is a child’s play to use FaceApp Pro APK, and if you are new to this app, you can quickly master it in so time. It is like the other photo editing app in some way, and it also has many features that make it stand out among all. You need to get familiar with the features to make the most of the app.


First of all, when you get into the game, you will find four options at the bottom of the screen, and the first of them is the Camera. It allows you to take a photo of yourself or anything and start editing it the right way without importing it from the gallery or anywhere. Also download VHS Camcorder Apk and Inshot Pro Apk.


The option you will find next to the Camera is the Gallery, and it lets you import the photos from the gallery and then edit them in the game.


It is one of the new features that the developers have added recently; this allows you to learn from the photos already edited with the app. It gives you a hint on how you can make the most of the app.


The last and one of the most features of the app is that you can take photos of the celebrities that you like and edit them in the app. This feature saves you the worry of first downloading the images to the gallery and then use them. Instead, you can make a start right from the app.  

Features of FaceApp

Whenever you take a photo to edit, you get countless features that let you shape and color the pictures as you want them to be. Keep reading to know about these cool editing features in detail.  

  • First of all, you have Impressions where you can change the profile of the photo. In other words, if the person in the picture looks grim, you can give him a cheered-up face.
  • Next comes Size, where you can change the face’s size like broadening the jaw, prominent the jawline, or making the person look chubby; the choice is yours.
  • Similes option gives you many options on what type of smile you want, be it broad, short, grin, or wherever. You can also swap your face in the last option that comes after Makeup.
  • Change the hairstyle and beard for both men and women, and have fun playing around with the options. Moreover, you can change the color of hair in the possibilities that come after gender.
  • You can change the skin color of any type you prefer for your face, be it fair or dark; it depends on how you like it.
  • Control the age of the person in the photo with ease. This is one of the most notable features through which you can see your future self beforehand.  You can change the gender as well.
  • Give yourself a touch of makeup in the Makeup filters that have options for all the stuff you use like eyeliner, lipstick, base, concealer, lashes, eyeshades, and more.
  • Try different types of glasses if you want to know what shape would suit best on your face. 
  • Get excellent filters for your photos like Glare, Clover, Flare, Elegant, Cold, Greyscale, and more.
  • You can change the background of the photo with professional results with a single click. You can add pools, workplaces, seaside, woodland, and more.
  • Use the Vignette feature to customize the corners of the image.
  • Adjust the brightness of your photo in Adjustments by changing contrast, shadow, highlights, saturation, and more.
  • Control the blur of your photos and hide the things you think won’t suit your pictures.
  • Last but not least, Overlay allows you to add things like Blue rays, sunsets, Smoke, Fire, Golden Light, and more effects to your photo with a mere tap. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you crop the photo in FaceApp Mod?

By all means, you can crop the image with ease in the app, and you will also find a readymade scale for social media cover and profiles.

Do you have to buy filters in FaceApp APK?

The modified version of the app gives you everything for free, but if you get the game from the Play Store, you will have access to limited features. However, you can avail yourself of the features of watching ads.

Is FaceApp APK Mod free of cost?

Yes, FaceApp Inc gave app is free of cost, no matter the platform you get it from. Check it on Store.


What's new

We have done a lot of internal but very important work to improve the quality of the application. Check it out!


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