Gacha World MOD Apk v1.3.6 (MOD, Unlimited Money) 2022

Gacha World Mod Apk is an exciting RPG that pulls anime lovers to engage in epic battles. Here you can choose your favorite characters and above that customize them to personalize the game.
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Nov 25, 2022
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Gacha World Mod Apk is an exciting RPG that pulls anime lovers to engage in epic battles. Here you can choose your favorite characters and above that customize them to personalize the game. The RPG adventure of Gacha heroes is unstoppable once you get started.

You can join forces of courageous heroes from the Gacha Life and unleash the beat inside you. Take part in Gacha action through many modes of the game where you get to show your skills with the style that you feel comfortable with. Choose from countless heroes and show you the enemy is dealing with in the amazing RPG battles of Gacha World.

Gacha World MOD Apk Info

Name Gacha World
Developers Lunime
Genre Role-Playing
Size 92MB
Version 1.3.6
Android Requirement 4.0 or up
Downloads 10000000+
Last UpdatedNov 25, 2022

Download Gacha World Apk

If anyone is really interested to download this game with the official and licensed download link, then it’s the right place. We are offering you an official and free download link on this site. The link is already uploaded. There is one download button available. Click on that button. It will start downloading and then you can enjoy the gameplay. Or you can go to Google Play for the original version.

Installation of Gacha World Apk

  • To play this game, first you have to download this game from given link and above mentioned process.
  • Go to your mobile storage.
  • Click on the Apk file.
  • Install the game.
  • Open the game after installation process.
  • And then enjoy the game by playing it.


Before the real game starts you receive an invitation to play a game from an unknown source as soon as you accept that you get summoned into a whole new world called Gacha World. No sooner you are here than you meet a fairy who lets you know where you are and how come you get involved in all of this.

With that said, you find yourself in the first wave of enemies you have to defeat. Make the most of the weapon at hand, a sword, and prove yourself a worthy summoner. However, you lost your memory to later discover that you are summoned by Legendary Gacha Sword to be its wielder.


Once you encounter the first wave, Ellie, the Elemental Fairy you met earlier, teaches the basics of the battle. How you are going to fight? What techniques to use? And all the stuff you need to become a renowned summoner.  We are going to know about the gameplay the way Ellie puts it.

So, first off, you have two types of attacks, the basic attacks and Gacha Summons. Use the Basic Attacks to strike with the weapon in your hand. These are AOE, Single, Column, Heal, and more. While on the other hand, Gacha Summons allow you to summons Gacha Heroes during battles you lend you a helping hand. However, summoning is not as easy as it sounds.

You have to earn stars that let you summon the Gacha Units into the battles. This way, you can summon different units depending on the number of stars each unit requires.  You can change the element of the attacks you use which is quite handy in defeating the enemy. Also, try Kritika The White Knights Mod Apk.

Features of Gacha World Mod Apk

Gacha is a vast world to explore which you only experience when you play the game. However, here are some of the features that give you a glimpse of the game.

Choose from 90+ Gacha Characters

Gacha World has got a huge collection of characters they call Gacha Summoners, that you can pick from that match your personality best. All these characters are unique in their own way in style and strengths. Besides, the anime designs play a great role in making that too tractive to ignore for anything else.

These characters are categorized from rare to legendary rare depending on their strengths and abilities. For each category of the characters, you need starts depending on their rarity. For example, the rare character requires 3 stars. Whereas, the number increases gradually up to 7 stars for legendary rare.

RPG Battle System

You get to take part in the most interesting and adventurous battle that would not be possible to get anywhere else. Be a part of the Epic RPG Battle Systems to teach the enemies a lesson. There are waves of enemies that you encounter one after another and show your valor.

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Moreover, you can use different techniques to take down the enemy. For an instant, you can summon the Gacha Units to help you defeat the waves or the powerful bosses. Earn stars depending on your hits and combos to earn stars that you need to call units. You can call many units one after another to your aid.

Create  Gacha Summoner

If you don’t like the summoners already there is the collection, you are free to make your own summoners. For this, you first need to clear a wave and defeat its boss then you can customize your players. Start off by choosing the gender of your summoner then move to the other parts.

You can personalize the hero by changing their, skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, eyes, eyes color, mouth, and then you can finally finish the customization by giving your hero a cool name that fits his personality. Before personalization, you don’t have any memories of the past. However, after giving yourself a name know who you are and are finally in the game.


You can enjoy the game through different modes that go best with your style. Here they are listed

  • Story Mode allows you to play the game in story style where you find yourself engages with interesting plot of the Gacha World. Here you can take part in different task with the cute anime players and take down the enemies together.
  • Events Modes is quite addicting as here you can take part in different events according to the seasonal changes and more. Players find themselves waiting for the events to enjoy the challenging battles of Gacha.
  • PvP Leagues has its own places as here you get to show your own personal skills rather than fighting a league in one on one player style. Rather than surrounded by multiple rivals you fight with a sole but powerful summoner.
  • Boss Raid contains battles with bosses only. No endless waves of rivals one after another. Rather, you engage in face off battles with the bosses double of your size. So, make sure you are armed with the perfect weapons required to knock out the opponent.
  • Tower Mode is perfect for those who enjoy fights in turns rather take it all at once. The progressive fights also help you become a better fighter. Climb the tower and fight rivals on your way to the top.

Each mode has its own perks that let you see the game in a new way. Moreover, if you play signed in, you get to explore more. Besides, you can also see your progress on the leaderboards and compare your score with the other players around the world. If you like this game you might also enjoy Pokeland Legends Apk Mod.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics are totally clear with cute character designing of anime. Moreover, the vibrant colors along with amazing summoner styles hook to the game in no time. On the other hand, the sound effects also make the gameplay thrilling. Besides sound effects, the music plays an important part in engaging the players.

Gacha World Apk- Mod Unlimited Money

Does not matter the type of game you are always going to be rewarded in the form of money. Similarly, you also need money in the game to perform different tasks. Therefore, Gacha World Mod APK Unlimited Money gives you cash enough to buy every single item in the game. Or you can try cashapp++ if you want to make real money.

Review of the Game

Amie Editz: Overall, great! On the other hand, basically, I’m wasting gems by gacha’ing! I won’t stop being fooled! Chances are I will get a new one. Currently I want to restore my data. Before deleting the game, now it can’t be recovered! I don’t know my account ID. But I already have my account name. Is there a way to get it back?

Theboring1s: Oh my God this game is really EPIC! It reminds me of my good days on Gacha studio. And it has a good story. Some logic is irrational and the only problem I have is. Chat not working and am I perfectly fine with Wifi? Overall AMAZING! 99999999/10.

The Weeb: Great game. You can change the person’s appearance, giving you plenty of options. Graphics are excellent. Battle format easy and fun to watch. Setting up the card is very easy. So you don’t have to try to find the card you want. There is much more to be done to become stronger. And the stories so far (I’m just a beginner) are great and sometimes make you laugh. Oh, this is not a game to win. Though you can rank up a bit faster by doing so. But it’s not as bad as you think. They make a profit and we still get our pleasure.


Playing with your favorite anime and customizing them before you go to the battlefields is fun. But, it is more fun to have enough in your pocket to buy the things for your summoners that they need the most. Therefore, this moded Gacha World game gives you enough to last still the very end of the Gacha World. So, download the game and share your experience with us in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is new in this Gacha World Apk? 3 gemstones per turn are available.30 gemstones are available for 10 + 1 Gacha.150 gemstones will be provided for 50 + 5 Gacha.And also 2 free plays can get depending on your criteria and your efficiency of the game.What is actually Gacha World MOD Blackmod?

In this Blackmod, no internet needed but with rooted device and also many unlocked features will be available.

What is meant by Gacha World Mega MOD Apk?

In this version, all the features are same as I have mentioned earlier in this article of MOD version. Just name is updated and upgraded.


What's new

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