Grim Soul Mod APK v4.2.0 (Free Crafting) Download Free 2022

Updated Version gives you many things to enjoy in your quest, which takes only 147 MB of space in your phone. The quality graphics and harsh sound effects also add to the fun of the game, which lets you enjoy every aspect of it.
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Nov 25, 2022
4.4 or up

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Grim Soul Mod Apk is a unique game that takes you on an adventure with fantastical creatures. Updated Version gives you many things to enjoy in your quest, which takes only 147 MB of space in your phone. The quality graphics and harsh sound effects also add to the fun of the game, which lets you enjoy every aspect of it.

The game’s objective is to survive at any cost as the diseased are looking to eat your life. You have to make the most of the utensils you own and build your shelter to avoid the bloodthirsty creatures; because you are the only man with his sanity intact.  So, download the game and start struggling for survival.

Grim Soul Mod APK

Name Grim Soul: Dark Fantasy Survival
Developers Kefir!
Genre RPG
Size 147MB
Version 4.2.0
Android Requirement 4.4 or up
Downloads 10000000+
Last Updated Nov 25, 2022

Grim Soul Dark Fantasy Survival

You can get Grim Soul APK Mod very quickly by following the steps given below.

Firstly, for an Android device, you may follow the given method.

  • Swipe up and hit the green button that reads, Download Here.
  • Save the game on your phone or SD card.
  • Install and have fun.

Secondly, for Windows, the steps are as follows.

  • Search for the Mod APK version of the game on Google.
  • Go to one of the sites that Google suggests.
  • Download the file from that site.
  • Install and enjoy yourself.

You can also get it from Play Store with a few basic steps.

  • Type the game name in the search bar and press enter.
  • The app will take you to the install button.
  • Hit the button, and you are done!
  • Also try other sources as well to know more about the game.

Grim Soul Game

The gameplay of Grim Soul Survival is pretty exciting and fun to play. The game starts in a gloomy place that looks like the land of the dead. You have nothing to wear and eat and nowhere to live. In this regard, you have to look around you carefully and pick everything that seems important to you. Explore the possessions of the man dead around you to use their things. 

As the game progresses, you meet the men infected with Grey Decay, who try to get you all the time. But you have to be at your guard to fight them to death. They are not hard to kill, but you have to be careful not to be touched by them. So, look around and pick the thing to make yourself some nice stuff to put on.

You have an inventory in the game to keep your objects like hammers, swords, axes, rope, stone, and more. You can collect things and build yourself a nice place to stay safe from the dead of the Plaguelands. The game is unstoppable fun once you get the hang of it.

Grim Soul Guide

Grim Soul survival guide is necessary as you are in exile and you definitely need material to survive and prove yourself. Some of the thing you need to know about are:


While you play you see a map at the upper right corner of the screen. As there are a lot of stuff on the ground, the map helps you keep tract of the things; the tress, Flex, stones, boxes dead bodies and more. You can turn the app from the setting we recommend to use it as helps you explore easily.


The controls of the Grim Soul Dark fantasy are pretty easy to handle and master, especially the auto button. There is a cursor on the left side which you can use to move the player about and on the right you have different skills and things that you can use from the inventory without opening it.

You can attack, use shield, eat and drink, pick things up, and do a lot more stuff. The punch sigh on the left lets you fight the soul eater grim reapers free hand. You can also use the auto mode if you want everything to happen on its own. the auto buttons comes handily as it is hard to press the same button over and over to punch or cut the trees down and more. You might also like Epic Seven Mod APK.


You can move to other places away from your stronghold. There are places which are swamped with zombies and you can fight them to get a lot of stuff that you would need later in different things like building material or opening door and other stuff. Moreover, you can either walk to the other places or run and if you run you require energy but it takes you way faster to your destination.


During the game you receive many letters and scrolls which tell you want to have to do in order to survive the exile. The letters are delivered to you by the ravens and are from some of your friends from the real world. Your job is to compete the tasks assigned in the letters and in return you are rewarded.


Devotions are some kind of point you get in the game. There are three types of devotions as

Plague God

The Plague God is the lord of illness and poison, blesses certain disciples with his sought-after gifts.


Harat’s Light grants protection in battles and blesses in times of need.

Nameless God

Death comes for all in the end. But the Nameless God’s chosen ones at at the bottom of the list.


The skills are the special talents you learn in the game that help you in the long run. These are

  • Active skills that are somewhat magical in nature.
  • Damage skills are the ones that help you defense and cut trees and stones.
  • Healing skills are learn in order to revive the strength after fight with the lepers.
  • Evasion skills are the unique ones as they let you disguise in the body of some other person.
  • Special skills are also helpful in making you stronger.


Design help you build the material you need in the game. These are some stone axes, stone picks, clubs, peasant chests, fire, garden bed, grim soul bowstring and many more stuff like this which you need to learn to survive. These designs you make keep breaking so you have to keep the raw material in your hand to remake the tools. The material in readily available everywhere you just have to be careful to be thrifty while using it. If you like games like grim soul you would like Angry Birds Go Mod APK as well.


The inventory is the place where you keep the stuff you have found or the material you designed. There is little space in the inventory so you can build chests where you can keep your material for the time being.

You also collect material from the dead men and there are also sacks and barrels in the area where you can keep the material and find new materials all well. The inventory items include cloths as well. There are Grim Soul Survival dungeon key that you have to keep safe in your inventory.

Grim Soul Mod Free Crafting

  • Enjoy the 3D graphics with the sound effects and make them come alive.
  • In this modified version you can craft the material for free without need to look for money.
  • Pick everything you can to use them later.
  • Grim Soul update brings many new features to enjoy.
  • Avoid making noise to keep hidden from your enemies.
  • Go to different lands with the progress in the game.
  • Use a map to see around.
  • Build a house to stay safe and sound.
  • Use swords, axes, hammers, and other stuff for your safety.
  • Combine things to make tools.
  • Fight the half-dead monsters.
  • Grim Soul apk is no made for kids to play.
  • Easy to master controls.
  • Get the game for free without paying a single buck.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Grim Soul Mod suitable for kids?

No, the game is not for kids to play for the age group of 13 or below.

Can you get Grim Soul APK for Windows?

Yes, you can get the APK version for Windows to enjoy the game on your PC screen.

Do you own weapons in Grim Soul APK Mod?

Yes, you have a variety of weapons to use in the game to kills the monsters.


What's new

— In the ruins of the Forgotten Temple, the summoning ritual for a vast monster has just been completed. Fight it before its flames consume all of Lubenia! Saviors will gain a generous reward and a new pannier.
— New type of damage added: fire damage. Assemble a collection of fiery weapons.
— There's new armor available to protect against fire damage.
— Limited sale: best prices on items!


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