Guitar Tuna Pro Apk v7.17.1 Free Download 2022 (Pro Features)

Guitar Tuna Pro Apk is android based music and song lover’s app having size 48.74Mb, latest version that we have.
4.7/5 Votes: 7,741
Yousician Ltd
Nov 22, 2022
48 MB
4.4 or up

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Guitar Tuna Pro Apk is android based music and song lover’s app having size 48.74Mb, latest version that we have till date. When you are interested in learning and enjoying different songs, music, their tunes and so on things then you are here at right place.

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If you want to further understand the factors that, why are we using this app then you must know that it is not only a single app, but many other alike apps are also there through which one can entertained like songster guitar and tabs chords and many more.

Hence by using this app, one will be able to learn, understand and play different musical tunes and also can feel the music. And through this app you can play all your favorite musical tunes anywhere, and anytime without any hurdle like carry on the actual guitar every time with you. Above all, Guitar Tuna Pro apk free things is just enough to make your day. Also check ES File Explorer Mod APK.

Guitar Tuna Pro Apk Android

Name Guitar Tuna Mod APK
Developers Yousician Ltd.
Genre Tools
Size 48.74MB
Version 7.2.0
Android Requirement 4.4 or up
Downloads 10000000+
Last Updated Nov 22, 2022

Download Guitar Tuna Pro

While if you are interesting in How to download Guitar Tuna Pro then do not worry about it and feel happy as you have no need to seek it all around in different websites and read them all independently as all the data from top to bottom that is necessary for complete study and downloading the app, is available here for you.

And for this reason, you have to follow this article and also its instructions given here. Download link is given here. You just need to click on the download button. After tap on button, it will download and now you can enjoy it by playing different tunes.

Guitar Tuna Pro Unlocked

  • First of all, download Guitar Tuna.
  • Then, go on your mobile setting.
  • Open the security setting and tap on the allow from unknown sources.
  • Then go to storage space where Guitar Tuna App is downloaded.
  • Install it and enjoy the application.
  • You can also get Guitar Tune App for pc in the same way you get it for android.

Guitar Tuna Review

First things first, in order to tune your guitar into perfect frequency you must have a guitar, isn’t it obvious? However, what is not obvious is that, the app allows you to choose you guitar from Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Cavaquinho, Violin, Viola and many more similar instruments to makes the things easy to comprehend for you. So, once you are into your favorite instrument you will experience the following things. You can check the app on other website as well.


Guitar Tuna Android is not a simple guitar tuning app, instead it is an amazing plat form to do a lot of guitar related things as well. But of course, to move ahead you first need to have a tuned guitar to make it sound good. So, the first option is the Tuner once you step into the app.

The Tuner you tune your guitar, you have the pegs in front of you with the name written on them like EBGDAE and there is a graph flowing down. When you play an open string on your guitar the graph fluctuates accordingly and lets you where you need to stop. Is not it as easy as pie? Moreover, you can control the auto switch which makes the things go your way. Turn it off if you don’t want the app to move to the next string on its own when you are done with one string.

Apart from that, you can choose the types of tuning like:

  • Guitar: Standard
  • Bass 4-string: Standard
  • Ukulele: Soprano in C

This allows you to make the things work your way. There are more options that you can choose like Guitar, Ukulele and Cavaquinho, Bass 4 and 5-strings, Custom Tuning, and more. However, these options are only accessible in Guitar Tuna pro version of the app. But, don’t worry we have got your back.


As I said before, it is not a mere tuning app, here you get a lots of thing to make learning fun and easy for you. INthis regard, the games section does a pretty amazing job where you can learn guitar though game, they learn you memorize chords, scales and notes etc. But more importantly these games help you a lot in ear training even when you are not in the position to play, it is just like listening to songs. These Guitar Tuna games include:

  • Learn Chords
  • Learn Chord Diagrams
  • Chords Ear Training
  • Learn to Play Chords
  • Master the Chords
  • Custom Chords Games

Some of the features are only available to you in the pro version which we will talk about in a bit. However, the basic things are 80% same in both. Moreover, from the setting you can choose between guitar and ukulele for games.


The tool section is pretty handy as it gives you rhythm control with the Metronome and Chord Library to have all the chords in one place.


Be it a beginner or a professional metronome is the need of everyone with an instrument in her/his hand. So, it not it cool to have one in the same app rather than downloading separately or having a physical one which you can not carry all the time. You can control the beats and speed right from the settings.

Chord Library

Having a chord library is also necessary as you are going to need it at every step as a beginner. Besides, you can have a better chord guide than this one, since it is got colors on notes according to the fingering you are going to use. The best thing is that they are organized in a beautiful way like C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, A#, and B. They give you all major, minor, 5, 7, maj7, m7, sus4, add9, sus2, 7sus4, 7#9 and 9.


You can enjoy the songs section by downloading Yousician app which developed by the same developers as Guitar Tuna and the both apps go hand-in-hand in helping you become a better guitarist. This way you can get many songs that you can learn how to play on guitar with very simple steps.

Yousician Guitar Tuna

Yousician is an app developed by the same developed as Guitar Tuna app for android and it guides you the way no other app can. You can make the most of this app by learning through many games and simple activates that guide you step by step, you can play and learn along the app. With the app opened in front of you, you don’t need a teacher to tell you each everything you need to know, as you can teach yourself with these two in your phone. Also download SnapTube Mod APK.

Guitar Tuna APK

  • Guitar Tuner Tuna is very simple.
  • Guitar Tuna “pro accuracy” is just amazing.
  • Easily accessible app.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Has simple interface.
  • No complications there on home page.
  • No need to get a heavy guitar everywhere.
  • Can easily try out the auto mode tuner.
  • Guitar Tuna Android is the only teacher that will guide you step by step and make corrections.
  • It has advanced, accurate and précised tunning technology.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it necessary to get Yousician app?

No, the choice is completely yours to make. If you don’t download it you can still use Guitar Tuna with any worries.

Does Guitar Tune Pro harms devices?

no, it is totally safe to se without worrying about harming your devices.

Can I get its unlocked or mod version of Guitar Tuna Pro?

Yes, in this website, one can get its unlocked or mod version which has many more, easy, and advanced features and those all are totally free of cost. And it is also very safe to be used by any one in case if your device have not facing any issue already.


What's new

Play now over 8000 songs with chords & lyrics from global top artists!
Search your favorite songs & artists with improved search usability.
GuitarTuna Smart Scroll allows you to play at your own pace while the screen scrolls for you like magic. The section you play is highlighted by default, but you can also turn the Chord Highlight off from song settings.
Have fun and enjoy every moment of tuning and playing the music you love!


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