Hero Wars Mod APK v1.142.214 (Unlimited Mana/Energy) 2022

If you love action, puzzles, mysteries, and above all, anime games, you should never overlook Hero Wars mod apk.
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If you love action, puzzles, mysteries, and above all, anime games, you should never overlook Hero Wars Mod Apk, as you would get glued to the screen once you install the game into your phone. The game is endless fun with many epic battles that will lead you to your destination and achieve glory. Check it also on store.

The storyline and the gameplay go hand in hand to amaze the player more. In other words, you have to complete the missions as a warrior with the help of other warrior allies. In any case, if you find yourself getting bored of fighting, there are minigames with exciting puzzles that give you a chance to see the heroes in a new way. All in all, the game is irresistible with good graphics, crispy sound effects, vibrant colors, a unique set of characters, and much more.

Hero Wars Mod APK Information Table

Name Hero Wars
Developers Nexters Global LTD
Genre Role-Playing
Size 97MB
Version 1.142.214
Android Requirement 5.0 or up
Downloads 500000000+
Last Updated Nov 16, 2022

Download Hero Wars APK Mod

It is easy to get the game with a few simple methods as given.

In the case of an Android phone, you can get it as follows.

  • Turn on the unknown sources from your phone settings.
  • Tap the download button on this very page.
  • Save the file on your phone.
  • Install and enjoy yourself.

If you have a Windows device, you can get the game as follows.

  • First, search for the game with your browser. 
  • Pick a site to download the file form.
  • Hit the download button and save the file.
  • Install after the file is downloaded.
  • Have fun!

You can get it from the Play Store as well.

  • Look for the game in the store.
  • Then tap on the install button once it shows up.
  • And put on your armor and be glorious.

The Storyline of Hero Wars Mod

Dominion is the house of many brave warriors who have sworn to protect their kingdom with their power and strength. One day the Dominion is dominated by the army or Marax. These demons have turned the beautiful kingdom upside down with their dark forces. Moreover, they have taken Aurora and other heroes as hostages.

Now Galahad is on the quest to get his beloved Aurora and the other mighty warriors back with the help of his other heroes in the kingdom. In this quest, they would have to train harder to defeat the evil demon forces and regain the glory of their empire so they may live happily again. Also download Dungeon Hunter 5 MOD APK and Epic Conquest Mod APK.

Hero Wars APK Gameplay

You might have made out what the gameplay would be like after reading the storyline. But, it is not as easily predictable as it seems because it is way more fun. You set out to fight the demons away from the population toward the woods, and you are armed with a mighty sword and your shimmering armor.

Make the most of your fighting skills and fight the demons first alone and then with your friends after you help them break free from the spell. Get your squad of brave warriors with the specialty of powers and fight every single one of the demons who hail Marax.

Features of Hero Wars

The game has a lot of features that are pretty surprising and make the gameplay even better than all the other action games that you might have ever played.


The first noticeable thing about any game is the character, and this game has a unique set of characters that are cute to look at and courageous. You have Galahad to play with first but later, more add up to the team as he releases them. Moreover, the anime-style character designing makes the players adore them even more.


All the characters are armed with particular kinds of weapons which is their specialty and also describes them. Every weapon is unique in its ways. Like Galahad has a sword he uses to stab the demons with, Thea has a magic staff, Astaroth has a fire staff, and it goes on with every hero.

Special Powers

Along with the super strengths, the warriors also possess superpowers that are different for every character. Like Galahad has the power of Iron Skies to break evil spells and cause damage, Astaroth calls Flames veil, which protects all the heroes with fireball around them, Thea has Solar Sanctuary, which is a kind of beam emitting from her staff to attack the enemy and it goes on for every hero.


Another exciting thing about the game is the minigames. These games allow the players to take a break from the fights and engage in some brainstorming activities. You face different types of puzzles where you escape the area with different strategies to kill the demons or sometimes collect the reward. 


The game is not merely an action game where you just keep fighting for nothing. Instead, you have a specific purpose in each chapter that makes the gameplay addicting. Like in the first chapter, you have to save Aurora and to do that, you have to collect keys with demons at different stages. Make sure not to kill the monster with the key in possession so you may get the key.


Unlike many other games, you don’t only get the reward in the form of coins, but you also get many other types of loot like potions, jars, and other things that you might need. You can use the coins for different purposes like equipping different weapons and more.

You also get a reward in the form of a golden chest, which has a treasure of coins and soul stones to help you gain more experience levels. You can also upgrade and add new special powers to the hero from the inventory with the money.


This game has many types of upgrades, and the most fascinating of them all is the leveling up of the heroes. You can use the potions that you have earned to increase the experience level, and you can give your warriors magic portions with varying strengths to enhance the power. This results amazingly in the gradual growth of the heroes. In other words, with level-ups, you would notice the advancing age of the heroes.

Graphics and Sound Effects

Even though the game’s graphics are two-dimensional, the adorable character designing and the vibrant colors make you fall in love with the game. Moreover, the sound effects of monsters’ roars, hitting and slashing swords, the thundering from the skies, and other things are genuinely fascinating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the gems in Hero Wars Mod?

You can use gems for special occasions and buy things that you cannot with mere coins.

What types of locations are there in Hero Wars APK Mod?

You will fight in many locations in the game like green woods, burned forests, hills, and more.

Do you have to buy Hero Wars APK?

You don’t have to pay to get the game, and you can get everything free of cost.


What's new

As the seasons change, so does our game!

Mojo Update
Our wise shaman is now better at spellcasting and has better chemistry with his Nature allies. To top it off, Mojo got a visual revamp - check it out!

Mojo Brawls
Assemble a strong team with the newly-buffed hero, challenge his new powers, and earn rewards!

The Fall Festival
The Dominion has waited too long - it's time to enjoy festivities once more! Pour yourself a cup of Harunian brew and join in the fun!

Start the fall on a bright note!


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