My Story Mansion Makeover Mod APK v1.87.108 (Unlimited Stars)

The present version, 1.75.106, has impressive 3D graphics in 171MB file size, giving the game a cute look. Once you get the game, it will be impossible for you to put your phone down.
4.4/5 Votes: 4,978
Zenlife Games
Nov 25, 2022
171 MB
4.4 or up

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With an exciting storyline and makeover fun, My Story Mansion Makeover Mod Apk has made more than 10 million fans so far. The present version has impressive 3D graphics in 171MB file size, giving the game a cute look. Once you get the game, it will be impossible for you to put your phone down.

The game is about renovating a mansion which is surprisingly inherited to this girl in the game by her aunt out of nowhere. Now, you have to plat the puzzles and collect the starts you will need in the makeover. The exciting puzzles keep you engaged and reward you for using them to get those layers of dust off the vast house. So, download the game now and scrub the mansion and regain its glory.

My Story Mansion Makeover Mod APK Information Table

Name My Story – Mansion Makeover
Developers ZenLife Games
Genre Puzzle
Size 171MB
Version 1.87.108
Android Requirement 4.4 or up
Last Updated Nov 25, 2022

Download My Story – Mansion Makeover Mod APK

It is pretty simple to get the game, and you can any of the following methods.

If you want the game for your Android device, the process is quite simple.

  • First, switch on the Unknown Sources in the device settings.
  • Swipe up on this page and click on the download button.
  • Save the file on your device’s memory or SD card.
  • Install and enjoy yourself.

In case you want it for Windows, the method is given below.

  • First, search for the Mod APK version of the game on your browser.
  • Then click on any website given on the first page.
  • Download the file and install it on your PC.
  • There you go!

You can get it from Play Store as well.

  • Type the name of the game in the search bar.
  • Hit the install button to download the game.
  • The end!

Gameplay My Story Mansion Makeover

The game has an exciting storyline, which is the fascinating thing about the game. Most of the time, a good story plays a vital role in keeping the user hooked in the first place, and this game has such a story. Moreover, the gameplay evolves puzzles that will help you win the stars you need to put the things in place.

As the game starts, you are informed that you have got a massive mansion on property left to you by your late aunt Ms. April. So, you have to move to a thing grand mansion with many expectations in your heart about its beauty. But you find it in bad condition with grim dust everywhere.  Now, it is your job to make the mansion regain its glory as it is yours now. Also, download Bad Piggies.

Play puzzles by matching objects in the same colors to get starts that you will use as currency to renovate the house. You have to perform different tasks in the puzzles, which grow difficult with each level. Whatever you do in the game, don’t forget to have fun by giving the great house a new look according to your style.

Features of My Story Mansion Makeover

It is an amazing game with exciting changes that hook you to the screen. below are some of the features of the game that will make you forget any other puzzle.

Addicting Minigames

The most fascinating feature of the game is that it has minigames that you play in order to make money. In other words, it is the job you do for a living and renovating your mansion. The amazing puzzles in the game are so addicting that you can help to play for hours.

The minigames involve matching items given on the screen. There are different objects of different colors and your job is to match each one. As you make progress the games get more advanced and hard. You match items to accomplish different challenges. Moreover, there are household items as well like candles, toaster, bread, cups and more exciting things.


Another exciting thing is that you get to meet a lot of new characters that make the game spicy. Moreover, there are pets as well to keep you some company along with chatty neighbors who visit and praise your mansion.  There are is your assistant and anterior designer, a loyal servant, and more people at your service to make things fun and easier for you.

Huge mansion

In this game, you are going to makeover a mansion as the name of the game suggests. And the mansion is huge like any other mansion where you have room for every activity. In other words, there is endless work to do from the entrance to each and every corner. You have a grand hall, bedrooms, fireplace, study, and many other rooms to take care of throughout the game.


You don’t only engage yourself in renovating but also give things a new look and organize tea parties. Here you invite the neighbors and let them get introduced to you. In this regard, you make your lawns and pavements look like cakes and other deserts and make many big and small changes to make your mansion look presentable.

Getting Social

One of the beneficial features of the game is that you get to make new friends over the words. The friends help you when you are in need and similarly you have to help them when they are in need. To put it another way, they send you hearts, the lifeline you need to play, and receive hearts from you. In this way, you have to keep an eye on your inbox for giving and getting hearts.


The main part of the game is renovating for which you are going through all the pain. For each wins you get started which you use to accomplish the tasks assigned to you. Sometimes you need one star and sometimes you need two; it depends on the nature of the work.

So, you can renovate the house using stars. You have to renovate every single thing in the house. For example, you start from the hallway and change the floor, wallpaper, paints, center table, plants, furniture, doors, and décor. When you are done with one room you unlock the next one and so on. Moreover, you get three options for everything to choose from when you are going to replace it like three floors or wallpaper style, etc.

Exciting Rewards

You get rewards in the form of stars for winning each game. You can later use the stars to renovate the house. Not just that, you also get gifts after accomplishing certain renovation tasks. Like, endless gameplay for 30 minutes to 2 houses and other exciting items. You should also check for tricks and tips for an exciting experience.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics of the game are totally amazing and they make it impossible for you to put the phone down once you get into the game. Similarly, the sound effects also game exciting and fun to play. Both graphics and sounds go hand in hand in making the game successful. if you like puzzles you can try Empire and Puzzles Mod Apk.

My Story Mansion Makeover Apk (Mod Unlimited Stars)

The stars are the currency of the game which you need to makeover the mansion. In the original version that you get from google store, you have to play each and every one of the mini-games to get enough stars to makeover the whole house. However, this mod feature of the game gives you unlimited stars so you may renovate the house in one go without waiting to have enough currency to change everything. If you are a fan of the game you really need to mod the version to see every room of the house and renovate it as soon as you can.

Frequently Asked Question

How to renovate the house in Mansion Makeover Apk?

You need to get stars first by winning the puzzles and then use those stars to perform different tasks required for a makeover.

Does the My Story Mansion Makeover cause lag?

No, the game does not cause lagging as it is just 171MB in size, which is not much.

Is the Mansion Makeover Mod APK free of cost?

Yes, the game is free, and you don’t have to buy anything inside the game.


What's new

New update available for My Story!

Improved Experience
- Optimized game performance!

Thanks for supporting My Story! We hope you have a blast!


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