Mod APK v1.6 (Invisible Skin) Download for Android 2022 is one of the most played relaxing action game that would remind you of snake game of feature phones, in a whole new way.
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Lowtech Studio
Nov 25, 2022
2.3 or up

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After huge success on the web, Mod Apk is now making millions of fans on Android. Updated Version with 17MB file size takes you on a fantastic journey where you can chill in your free time and have more fun than you can imagine. You can play it online or offline without any hassle, but don’t forget to have fun.

The game’s only objective is to kill your boredom with the slither, who can roam freely in space, avoiding hitting the other slithers. You can make your snake more and grow bigger to rank higher among the other snakes around you. The slither is thin and small at first, but it is your job to feed him properly to make him bigger and longer. So, download the game and grow your slither. Mod APK

Developers Lowtech Studio
Genre Action
Size 17MB
Version 1.6
Android Requirement 2.3 or up
Downloads 100000000+
Last Updated Nov 25, 2022 Download

You can get the game with a few easy steps for any device.

For an Android phone, you can go with the following steps.

  • Turn on Unknown Sources in your device settings.
  • Tap on the download button to get started.
  • Save mod on your device.
  • Install and enjoy the.

For windows, the process is also quite simple.

  • Look for the Mod APK version of the game on your browser.
  • Select a website you want to download from.
  • Tap on the button and download the file.
  • Save and then install it on your PC.
  • Click on the icon to play

You can get it from Play Store as well as follows.

  • Search for the game in Google Play.
  • Then hit the install button.
  • Download and start eating it all.
  • You can also check other sites for the game.

How to Play

The gameplay is very entertaining, with various snakes around you, and you have to beat them all to become the longest slither. The game is relatively small yet so exciting and fun to play that you cannot help. You can play the game with your friends or anyone around the globe and enjoy slithering.

The game requires you to make you slither the longest of all no matter where you take the start from; just keep growing without taking a pause or hitting the other snakes. The trick of survival in the game is to eat as much slither food as possible to grow bigger but avoid hitting your head with the other snakes. However, if the other slithers punch you, they finish off right there, and you can eat their remains to grow larger.

Now, you have many snakes slithering around you who you have to avoid and keep eating. You can keep count of your increasing length, and your tank is among the snake. The game also comes with another name like or Worm You might also want to try Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK.

How to Play with Friends

  • First of all go to to play the game like normally you would. This time go with the Slither Plus.
  • There you would see something like “IP: play first Connect to IP” click on that button.
  • You will get IP for server that you are connected you. The server IP would be displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  • Type and send the IP to your friend.
  • Ask your friends to put the IP at the site and press enter.
  • Voila! There you go, enjoy yourself. Free free version gives you a lot of interesting aspects of the game to entertain yourself in your free time. The interesting areas of the game are discussed below which might help you know the game better.


Slithers are the snake that you are going to control in play. While your first entering the game you would feel dizzy at the sight of countless snakes slithering about. Even though, they look to be slithering aimlessly but they all have a purpose: to eat the other snakes while saving themselves. There are slither of multiple colors, sizes and shapes which makes it easier to differentiate one snake from the other. So, keep and safe distance from the other snake and focus on eating as much as you can.


As all the slithers are wondering about in space so their food also is also have a look of galaxy-like touch in it. In other words you would eat something like stars that are scattered everywhere. Does not matter how much you eat the food never runs shots. Moreover, you can eat the remains of the other snakes that you become successful is defeating. You can eat their remains to get tremendous amount of energy to grow healthier and longer. That is all you have to do: eat and grow big.

Controls game gives you simple controls without the hassle of on screen buttons to touch and move the character. Instead, you gently swipe your finger on the screen in smooth gestures to move your slither around. Using the game techniques you can trap a snake by moving your fingers round and round around it. This way you can make the other snakes’ head hit you and vanish from the face of the universe.


In the vast galaxy you would see many snakes about you in different colors of skins. You can get into the skin you want effortlessly. Unlike the real word snakes, slither can shed their skin when ever they want and get any fancy one of their choice. You can change the skin of your slither by simply clicking on the skin option from main screen and you are good to go.


As you encounter countless snakes in the galaxy you would probably want to know where you land among this huge army of slither. In this regard, the leaderboard at the upper right corner play a great part in keeping you updated every second. You can see you position on the leaderboard and your friends’ position as well. The bigger you get the higher you will rank on the board. If you perform well you would be seen around the globe among the slither lovers.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics of the game are quite simple as you play in the dark back ground of galaxy which is pretty simple. On the other hand the catchy colors of the slithers’ look quite amazing against black background. Besides, it also makes i easy for you to keep focused on the slither without any disturbance due to colors.

On the other hand, the sound effects are quite cartoony given the gameplay. You will enjoy the sound of eating and vanishing of snakes along with the other effects that really make the game come alive. Unblocked

In the unblocked version you would experience following aspects.

  • Enjoy the game for free without any in-app purchases.
  • The game has a surprisingly small size to fit in your phone.
  • Keep count of your length and other slither.
  • Easy to master control to handle your slither.
  • Avoid hitting the other slithers with your head.
  • Try to finish other leathers and eat their remains to grow.
  • Enjoy the unblocked version without any lag to disturb you.
  • Get invisible skins in this mod versioin.

Games Like

Countless games where created after the tremendous success of slither game. Besides, many version of the game where also developed by the developers which engrossed the players more. The game kept coming with different name during it evolution and there are some game with the game gameplay and somewhat similar names. Like,

  • 2
  • Krunker
  • Dianosaur Game


The purpose of the article is to give you a detailed insight of mod, no to mention the downloadable file to play the game. You will not only be able to enjoy the game but also get to know a lot of interesting things. We will keep the article updated to give you fresh information about your favorite game. Do us a favor by leaving a comment below so we may make things better for you. And if you like this game you would also like Shadow of Death Mod APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play APK online?

Yes, you can play the game online with your friends or anyone worldwide and challenge the others by going to website

Is APK Mod available for Windows?

Yes, you can search for modded version of the game for Windows and enjoy it on your computer.

How to change the skin in Mod?

You can change the skin from the menu where there is an option called “Change Skin” you can click on it and get your favorite coat.


What's new

Added cosmetic support

Improved gameplay speed


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