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Let’s find out today which one is better by comparing Spotify vs Pandora. Since a long time ago Pandora came into existence and officially launched in 2005.
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Nov 27, 2022
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Two leading online music streaming platforms comparatively both have extraordinary features. Let’s find out today which one is better by comparing Spotify vs Pandora. Since a long time ago Pandora came into existence and officially launched in 2005.

It’s a self-made name by impersonates the format of radio. Contrarily, Spotify blows up as a top-notch resource for discovering new music. Now it is becoming a sensation for music lovers.  Ultimately both have amazing attributes to mesmerize.

And engaged their users but one is always better than the other in some ways. Thoroughly read below to check out them. One may get Spotify and pandora mod apks from here.

About Spotify vs Pandora

Pandora leads with having 413 ratings while Spotify is back with 339 ratings.  Pandora is a platform where users come across music according to their taste. In this, users are unable to choose or listen to the specific songs instead show them the music similar to which they like or favorite.

On a contrary, Spotify listeners have the edge to choose the song of their own choice whenever they want to play and listen. This service is far better for the users to share music that they love.

Library size

Pandora has 10+ million songs while Spotify has more than 30 million songs in its library.


Pandora availability is limited to a few countries including the U.S, Australia, and New Zealand while Spotify is in an access heap of countries.


Both have ads on the free version.

Custom playlist

Spotify allows its users to create their custom playlists.

Songs skipping

In both of these apps, skipping songs is available. Yet Pandora with some limitations like 30 skips in 24 hours while Spotify with no limits.

Who offers superior streaming Spotify or Pandora?

Woefully, both Spotify premium and Pandora premium lack in providing better quality streaming in some manners. 

Although Spotify announced back in 2021 to offer lossless CD – quality referred to as Spotify HiFi, since then there is no update haven’t heard. 

Audio quality

Pandora music offers 64kbps while Spotify in 160kbps for free users. On the other hand for premium users this quality is extended up to 192kbps on Pandora and 320kbps on Spotify.

Subscription / Memberships

Either Pandora or Spotify offers free and paid subscriptions. Besides this, there are also available options for family plans or memberships at different prices.  In both services, the major difference between free and paid memberships is the presence of ads.

Pandora premium is referred to as Pandora one and cost 4.99$ per month. On a contrary, Spotify’s subscription is called Spotify premium and at 6.99$ per month.  Spotify subscriptions are more expensive than Pandora.

Final words

Spotify vs Pandora both has their distinctive features and drawbacks from each other. 

In 2014, Pandora has 200 million registered users with 70 million active users each month. In contrast, Spotify reached 40 million users, of which 10 million are premium users.

Despite everything, in some aspects, they show the same functionality or work similarly and gain huge popularity. 

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