The Battle Cats MOD Apk v11.9.0 Download 2022 (Cats Unlocked)

In The Battle Cats mod apk you have a huge variety of cats ready to fight the zombies, aliens, animals and other creatures.
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PONOS Corporation
Nov 22, 2022
5.0 or up

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By downloading the latest version has size of 83 MB size of The Battle Cats Mod Apk you will be able to enjoy the game and save the world from different enemies by the help of different cats. The basic theme of the game is that in this wonderful game you will face different types of enemies.

One can even not believe these enemies while first look on them or listen their names. They may be snakes or dogs and some other types of animals. It is because the name of the game called so. And also this is the basic reason behind using the cats in the game in main lead.

Do you even know, what is actual the role of cats in the game? And also what is your role in this game? Of your answer is simply NO. then let’s come and know about it. There are different animals who are wondering there to role on nuclear power plants and also want to destroy them all.

The Battle Cats MOD Apk Poster

And then you have to choose cats that are unique and have different abilities from one another. So, there is one of the most critical step of the game. Choose the right one cat which has abilities to defend and attack on enemy.

If you unfortunately choose the wrong cat, then it may smash and destroy the game. In this article you can explore different things like its features, its general, basic. You will also be able to know about its additional information, its downloading and installation process.

We also offer different questions and their answer section at the end of the article. And even then, if you have any question in your mind, then don’t hesitate and can ask in comment section or inbox. Moreover, The Battle Cats 2 and The Battle Cats 3 are also under process and fans are looking forward to better battles than before.

The Battle Cats MOD Apk

Name The Battle Cats
Developers PONOS Corporation
Genre Casual
Size 83MB
Version 11.9.0
Android Requirement 5.0 or up
Downloads 5000000+
Last Updated Nov 22, 2022

Download The Battle Cats

Download link is given already. One thing which you have to done is to tap on the mentioned download button. It will spontaneously start downloading. When it will be completed, then tap on to open the app and play the game and save the world from those animals so that they should not destroy the nuclear power plants.

The Battle Cats PC

You can download the game for pc as you get it for android. Simply, go the browser of your choice and search for the modded the battle cats. When the results show up, download the file, install in pc and you are good to go.

Installation of The Battle Cats

At first, you have to download the app. Then tap it to install the app. Installation may take a while. You have to wait for it. when installation process completes, then it will show you two options either to done it or play it. you must choose done option. Then open the app and play it by choosing your cat according to your enemy’s strength.

The Battle Cats Game

Is you have played Stick War Legacy Mod APK, you would find a little bit of resemblance in the game play. Below are some glimpses of the levels that you will be a part of as you play the game.

The Rolling Dead Battle Cat

The Rolling Dead is a battle ground in the Battle Cats where the cats are engaged in life and death challenges against the zombies. The zombies you face here are different from the ones that you have seen before. So, be prepared to face the flash eaters.

The Big Bang Battle Cats

The Big Bang is the name of the stage in Battle Cats that makes you face the real danger. You get to fight the Shibalien Elite, General GreGory and more. Moreover, there are three chapters in stage with varying excitement.

The Battle Cats of the Cosmos

Cats of the Cosmos is another name for the Big Bang stage. In other words the complete name of the stage is THE BIG BANG (Cats of the Cosmos) and the boss of this stage is The Cat God(Floating/0

Into The Future Battle Cats

Into the Future is the second chapter of the game which comes after the first chapter of Empire of Cats. This chapter includes more interesting folds of the game to discover and enjoy as the cats engage in the epic battles.

The Battle Cats Treasure

Treasures are the rewards that you get after winning each stage. These treasures are found in the chests that you open to find many exciting rewards which you can use to buy upgrades, new cats, canons and more.

What are the best cats in battle cats?

The list of the battle cats best cats is quite lengthy as every cat is unique in its own way. So, here is the Battle Cats Tier list

  • Tier SS includes Mitama, Jizo, Gao and Aphrodite
  • S Tier Includes Togeluga, Shadow Gao, Keiji, D’artanyan
  • Tier A+ includes Yukimura, Mighty Rekon Korps, Kalisa, Amaterasu

And the list is endless which you can find by playing yourself. You can get get more information about the game at The Battle Cats Wiki. Here you will get everything you need to know.

The Battle Cats Mod APK All Cats Unlocked

The Battle Cats Mod gives you more than 300 different cats in all levels. After passing and crossing the previous level, your cats will be much stronger in the next level. For example, if you have chosen a cat in first level, it will be much weaker than the chosen in the 10th level.

And in each level, you can choose up to 10 different cats. But before choosing the cats, please read about your enemy and the cat’s ability so that you can compare them, and your choice make you stronger not weaker against your enemy. You might also enjoy playing Plants VS Zombies 2 Mod APK.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your opinion either to play or not the battle cats Apk for android?

This game is one of the most interesting and popular games in the world. As it is also safe game then you should try it once in life.

3What’s new in this battle cat’s game?

In this game graphics are improved, redesigned and plot is very easy to use. Many updated are done and many technical faults are also improved.

Is The Battle Cats Mod safe for my device?

Yes, it is totally safe in case if your device has not any virus or error already.


What's new

■ Stage Clear pop-up revised
 Drop Rewards information now displays previous and new item totals

■ Changes to Cat Base menu layout
 Event Calendar now accessible from Cat Base
 User Rank display layout revised
 ※ Visit the Help file for more details

■ New True Forms added for certain Cats

■ Additional Talents added for certain Cats

■ New Uncanny Legends Maps added
Higher difficulty levels added to existing maps

■ New User Rank Rewards
New CatCombos
Minor Feature Revisions

■ Bug Fixes


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