Thimbleweed Park Apk v1.0.7 (Full Game Unlocked) Free 2022

With retro pixel graphics, intriguing gameplay and engaging storyline Thimbleweed Park Apk is a worth playing game with the spice of horror.
4.9/5 Votes: 9,878
Terrible Toybox Inc
Nov 23, 2022
4.3 or up

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Thimbleweed Park Apk is a mysterious and adventurous game with having a size of 917Mb and the latest version is v1.0.7 build 76 which is available on the google play store. In this game, two characters are main namely agents Ray and Reese which are most suspected in a murder investigation.

Actually, this game is roundabout five different locations in which the most important location is thimbleweed park by which this name is given to the game. It is a remote control game as all the characters and locations are under control. And you also need to know one more thing that these remote control places are in a town that is assumingly a bustling place, a luxury hotel with a high-rise building, a bustling business district, and the nation’s largest pillow factory but now it is totally shrouded.

Thimbleweed Park Apk Information

Name Thimbleweed Park
Developers Terrible Toybox, Inc.
Genre Adventure
Size 917MB
Version 1.0.7
Android Requirement 4.3 or up
Downloads 10000000+
Last Updated Nov 23, 2022

Download Thimbleweed Park Apk v1.0.7

If you really want to download and are interested in this game, then do not worry about it. you just need two basic things. First of all, read and explore the article from top to bottom. And the second thing you should do is to follow the given instructions in this article for smooth and easy downloading and playing the game.

If you just follow these things, you will not go around other articles because all the information will be provided here. The download link is given here. Just tap on the download button. This will take nothing and downloading will start automatically.

Actually, this is a fully paid version that is available for $8 and has a full rating of 5/5. But you know what, we are also offering a free version which is unlocked. After completion of downloading procedure, you will enjoy the game by playing it.

Installation of Thimbleweed Park Apk

  • As I mentioned earlier that you have to follow the basic instructions. These are following.
  • First of all, download the game either from the given download link or from google play store.
  • Then go toward your mobile setting.
  • Tap on the option security setting.
  • Then click on the allow from unknown sources or from untrusted sources.
  • After that, open the mobile or SD Card storage space or folder where this game file is downloaded.
  • Click on it.
  • It will show option of installation.
  • Install it and enjoy it.

Engaging Storyline

Thimbleweed Park is a town with a very small population and is not of much attraction to the tourists. One day the quietness of the town takes a new turn and people start to disappear mysteriously. No one knows the reason behind these strange events. However, it seems like some of the people from the town have knowledge about this vile act though they are not directly involved in all of this.

To end this once and for all, a brave and smart detective takes on the case and starts working on it. Never affected by the hunted look of the town she keeps on collecting the pieces that will complete the whole puzzle. She faces many challenges during her quest and overcomes them to accomplish her goal and uproot the murderer.

Versatile Gameplay

The gameplay gives you a multi-dimensional experience. It means that no matter the types of players, everyone has something to enjoy in Thimbleweed town? The game is quite captivating in its own way and amazingly brings all the genres into one place.

So, the game is about solving mysteries one after another. In order to do that, you play mini-games, meet up with people of Thimbleweed, collect clues from different places and solve the cases at hand. As it is not as simple as it sounds, you have to use your senses very sharply. The reason is that you would face all the challenges in the dark which adds to the horror and make your heartbeat out of your chest.

Below are some of the interesting aspects of the game that would hook you more. Let’s go through look at them.

The Variety of Characters

One of the things that make players stick to the game is the character variety. Similarly, Thimbleweed Park also has a collection of characters and each is unique in its own way. Moreover, your interaction with each of them is important to your investigation. In other words, talk to the people around you to explore more about the mysterious town. So, the better you interact with them the closer you get to the goal.

Interesting Mini-Games

Throughout the game, you collect clues to reveal the truth behind the mysterious murders that are creating terror in the town. As a detective, you are hell-bent on finding the man behind all of this. In this regard, you try many things and one of them is the mini-game collection that you play and are rewarded accordingly. All the rewards earned take you to step by step to your destination. Also, try

Point-n-click Play

The game is quite easy to play as it is all about point-n-click controlling. To be clear, during such type of gameplay you just enjoy the game just tapping around and doing the things the game requires. While playing the game you interact with the natives of the town. Therefore, you tap and just engage in the conversations that lead you straight to your path of uncovering the riddle.

Retro Pixel Graphics

Another intriguing thing about this unique game is that it has got retro pixel graphics. It means that you enjoy a game if you enjoy watching the things happening like in real life. Even though the graphics are retro pixels, you thoroughly enjoy it. Moreover, most part of the game is designed at the night. Therefore, you feel more connected with the whole mystery, horror, adventure, thriller, and other perks of the game.

Besides, the sound effect goes perfectly with the terror. The graphics and sound effects combine to make the game worth playing for the adventurous players. You can enjoy the sounds as well which make your heart beat faster as you play. If you are into playing adventurous games Criminal Case Mod Apk might also interest you.


Playing game is a relaxing activity and we all do play games to take a break from our dull routines. Therefore, the main part of playing a game is to enjoy them. In this regard, the apk versions of the games make them more fun and easier for you to play. So, do download the game and join in the detective adventure and let us know in the comments how you are getting on with the mystery. You can also try the Blue Youtube app for entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if Thimbleweed Park is not working properly?

You should uninstall it first. Reboot your device. Reinstall it and try now to play. Hope so, it will work.

Can I use Thimbleweed Park Apk OBB platform also?

Yes, it is also available for OBB forum.

What is new in the latest version of Thimbleweed apk?

Graphics are improved. And bugs are also fixed in it.


What's new

Reverted permissions setting.


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