Traffic Racer MOD Apk v3.5 (Unlimited Money) Download 2022

Select you favorite car, paint it in your favorite color, check for any upgrades and take it out the real roads of Traffic Racer Mod Apk.
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Soner Kara
Nov 24, 2022
5.0 or up

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Traffic Racer Mod Apk is a milestone in a genre of endless racing arcade having size 53Mb, version v3.5 and it is developed by Soner Kara. When we heard about any racing games, we undoubtedly think about Asphalt, Drag Racing, Racing Thunder, and other similar racing gaming apps which are also very popular among users.

But the question is that what is the basic reason or thing which dominant Traffic Racer app from other ones. Then we immediately say that there is not only one reason due to which users like this game but also these things have given a unique edge to this mentioned game.

Traffic Racer Game

Now let’s discuss the game. In this game, we are only driving on the line and having a third view, unlike the other games in which we can move through the terrain and also can change the view. And the other thing is that its primary motive is not to set or have expensive cars but a variety of other familiar vehicles and trucks even.

And when the game starts, players will be given more than 25 different models of cars and each car has totally different qualities from the other one. You have to choose one of them very carefully. And another thing that you have to care about is that you have to know that you are not alone in this game. Many other players can be played in opponent to you.

And if no player will play, then your opponent will be your own racing vehicles and other trucks which are also moving on the same track. One most important point that you should not miss while playing cars Tarrfic Racer is that as per name shows, your racing speed is very important.

The points you gain during each level will collect at the end and as per your points, your speed will enhance in the next level. And you have to focus not only speed up your car but also have to avoid striking your car with other vehicles and when striking have done, your screen will endless, and the game will be over. Traffic Racer car game is one of a kind racing game.

Traffic Racer MOD Apk

Name Traffic Racer
Developers Soner Kara
Genre Racing
Size 53MB
Version 3.5
Android Requirement 5.0 or up
Downloads 50000000+
Last Updated Nov 24, 2022

Traffic Racer Download

Actually, this is a very simple process to download Traffic Racer. You just tap on the download button. And then downloading will automatically start. As it is totally free game, so you do have not to pay it while downloading. After the completion of downloading, you can enjoy the game.

Traffic Racer Game Online

First of all, download the game. Then go to your mobile storage. Click on the install button. The installation process will start. When the installation is complete. Click on done. Open it now and enjoy the game by selecting your car. There are many free traffic racer games but you won’t find any like this one.

Traffic Racer APK

Traffic Racer online play gives you a lot of things to enjoy that make the game stand out pf all the racing games. Here are some of the unique things about the game that will give you an unforgettable experience. Traffic Racer has many sides you explore that would enjoy as you play.


The Traffic Racer Mod allows you to choose from 27 different cars that have amazing looks as well as racy nature. You first go to the garage when the game starts where you can examine your cars, upgrade them and make any adjustments required to make them perform well on the road as your race is not with the racy cars but with the traffic that gets heavier every passing moment. The cars are available on different levels of speed, handling, and braking; given at the bottom of every car. You can make the following changes to your cars.


You can change the wheels of your cars anytime you want if you think that the older ones are getting rough. There is a huge collection of wheels in the garage to choose from. Different styles of tubes, rubber, and spikes allow you to make a choice according to your liking. You can buy wheels with the money you earn through racing.


Apart from wheels, you can paint your cars in the colors of your choice; it does not sound unique as you might have seen this feature in many other games as well. However, in this game, you can pick the custom color which allows you to paint literally any color. Besides, there are presets to choose from for your convenience.


Another feature that is unique to this game is that you can make your car stand out on the road with the fancy stickers collection it has. You can paste stickers on your cars and make them look stylish in your own way. These stickers are quite amazing as they don’t have any complicated pattern and they give a nice attractive tone to your vehicle.


There is no escaping upgrading, you always need to upgrade your cars to make them avoid giving in on the road. So you can upgrade your cars and make them faster as well as easier to handle. You can do the following changes in the upgrade section of the game:

  • Speed
  • Handling
  • Braking

The upgrading section would remind you of Asphalt Nitro Mod APK. To upgrade your car you need money which you can earn through winning races. Each upgrade requires 500 bucks and gives you a 5 percent increase in the selected area. The 500 bucks are not much given the deal of having better car performance and never worrying about the Traffic Racer burnout.


The reward is the one thing that motivates us to play. Without reward, there is no fun in playing any game. So, this game gives you a reward in the form of money. The Traffic Racer highest scores give you the highest about of money. In other words, the better you play, the better you get paid. You tend to score high and earn more if you play well on speed above 100km/hr.

Game Mode

You can choose the mode you want to play in before you start the race and it is a great opportunity as you get to enjoy more if you play in your chosen game mode. The modes given in the game are

Endless One-Way

In this mode, you can drive freely on a one-way road but the objective is to avoid any kind of cash or you lose the game. As soon as you go above 100km/hr your score turns green and you get a bonus as long as you play safe.

Endless Two-Way

It is similar to the Endless On-way mode except that you race on a two-way road this time. The scoring scheme is similar as well.

Time Trial

The time trial is exciting because you race in the limited amount of time you have. Unlike, Endless mode you get to revive as many times as you want to game over at crashing. However, you don’t get extra scores for driving over 100km/hr.

Free Ride

This is a kind of practice mode where you can get do want ever you want, explore the road, get the hand of the controls by learning from your mistakes and try the setting for different controls. Simply put, it is your mode and you can choose the density of the traffic according to your comfort.

Police Chase Traffic Racer

As the name suggests, here you are chased by the police and outrun them as long as you can. You are rewarded according to the struggle of your escape.

Daily Bonus

This mode is very interesting as it holds surprises for you. You play in the time given and make cash along the way. Above everything else, you get to race with a new car every time.


As the other things in the game are enjoyable so are the locations. In other words, you can select the type of location you want to race in, and there you go on the following roads:

  • Suburb
  • Desert
  • Autumn
  • Snowy
  • Rainy
  • Forest
  • City Nights

Desert Traffic Racer is one of the locations that attract players the most.


Like Trrafic Tour Mod APK, this game also requires careful handling of controls as you are supposed to play safe. The controls are easy to master and are quite enjoyable. You tilt your phone as the steering wheel, which gives you easier and more fun handling than the buttons. You have a speed button on the right and brakes on the left while in the middle of the left edge you have a button to blow the horn.

Just in case you don’t feel comfortable with the button settings of the game, you are free to select which suits you best. Like you can change the steering from tilt to auto, and acceleration from auto to manual. Moreover, you can also unselect the horn button and acceleration from auto to manual. Moreover, you can also unselect the horn button if it irritates you and the H.Flasher as well if they irritate you.

Graphics and Sound Effects

The graphics and sound effects of the game are quite amazing. Traffic Racer 3d graphics are too good to ignore, you can examine your car from every side and even use the camera button to look closer for the details. Moreover, the rich colors of the game also make it look good enough to play.

As for the sound effects, you get all the sound you need to make the game look realistic to play, the horn, the screeching of cars, crashing into other cars, and brakes it has everything. Besides, the music is too good to ignore. However, you can turn both the sound and the music off if you want.

Traffic Racer Unlimied Money APK

  • Racer Traffic is very simple and very easy to use.
  • The best thing about Traffic Racer Unlimited money is that you get unlimited amount of cash which enables you to buy anything you want.
  • As I mentioned earlier that it is somehow resembled to Asphalt and other games. So, not to hard to drive the cars.
  • All the Taffic Racer mods are enjoyable to play.
  • You can play the game while using more than one car simultaneously.
  • In traffic racer pro mod game, all the elements are seeming to be like reset which make it unique and more interesting than other games.
  • The Traffic Racer 3 is also quite looked-forward to game among the fans.
  • Open World Traffic Racer is another version fo the game which is as exciting as this one.
  • Almost all the nominated and unique features of this game I have already mentioned in this article, but for any further question that you have in your mind, please comment in section box.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is new actually in the latest version of Traffic Racer Mod Game?

Many features are introduced along with bugs fixes and improvement of graphic designing.

What is the summary of Traffic racer Apk?

It tells you how to play, how to graphics, interesting, and provide you the environment where only racing cars will be the ideal and basic environment for you.

What is extra available in Traffic Racer MOD?

In this feature, you will be given unlimited money, bugs are fixed already, and all the cars are open for you either cheap or expensive without any hurdle.


What's new

Bug fixes and improvements


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