Trinus VR Apk v0.3.1 Free Download for Android 2022

Trinus VR is actually a virtual app for your PC and android having a size of 2.91Mb and the version is v2.2.2 which is the latest version that we ever had to date.
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Odd Sheep
Nov 23, 2022
7.0 or up

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Trinus VR Apk is actually a virtual app for your PC and android having a size of 2.91Mb and the version is v2.2.2 which is the latest version that we ever had to date. Now briefly explain its contents and let me clear different questions that arise continuously in your mind about this app.

You can connect your Pc via Google Cardboard with the help of this app and have fun playing games in visual reality and have another level of experience like never before. Moreover, you can also enjoy Netflix through this app and create your own cinema at home. However, for this, you need a good internet connection that would not give in.

Trinus VR App

Name Trinus VR
Developers Odd Sheep
Genre Entertainment
Size 2.91MB
Version 0.3.1
Android Requirement 7.0 or up
Downloads 10000000+
Last Updated Nov 23, 2022

Trinus VR Download

Sometimes it happens that while reading the article, the reader creates an image about the game or app in his mind. But as the reader does not completely read it, so obviously the image which is formed in his mind also becomes not obvious or not clear.

And ultimately, he/she takes some final decision either not to download the app and sometimes download it from any other site in hurry and if that site is not official and has not licensed download link, then the device used by the reader may be harmed.

If you are really interested to download the app and also protecting your device, then keenly read the article, and this link that we are using is also licensed and official.  The download link is given here. Just tap on the download button and enjoy the app after downloading completed.

Trinus VR Desktop

For Trinus VR PC download, you have to go to your browser and search for the modified version of the app for Windows. The system will take you to the sites where you can get the file from. Install the file and you are good to go.

Trinus VR iOS

Trinus VR iPHone is also available which you can get from the apple store which gives you Trinus VR Mac for all types of mac gadgets. Gte the app and enjoy visual reality.

Install Trinus VR

It is also quite a simple and easy way. First of all, download the app. Then go to your storage folder and open it. Click on the installation option. It may take a while. After the installation process is completed, open the app. Connect it with your PC or Tablet first and then to your android device. And now place Trinus headset and enjoy the app.

How to Use Trinus VR

So first of all, be relaxed. We are discussing it in detail step by step. The first-ever question in your mind is no doubt “ what is actually this app”? VR means virtual. Actually what happens often, is that when you are using your PC or tablet and want to enjoy the same features on your android, then this application is the best one.

So what we do by using it, we actually using some headset of Trinus and connecting it to our PC or tablet and then to our android system. But before it, we install and connect the server for PC through which we are going to connect these two things. You can enjoy also steam VR Trinus without any difficulties.

Hence, by using this, we are actually offering it as a game. Different media players or games that are not installed on android and available on the PC, by using this app for free we can enjoy those games or multimedia on our phones virtually. And further information will be provided below in this article. You can try AOS TV APK for Trinus VR alternative.

How to Setup Trinus VR

It is quite easy to set up Trinus VR, just make sure that you follow the steps carefully.

  • Firstly, make sure that your PC and phone are on the same WiFi network or Tethering is working.
  • Secondly, set the IP address manually and port in Trinus server for PC, matching Trinus Android client.
  • If you are using a mobile hotspot, you also need to set the IP address manually.
  • This can be changed in the network tab, to set IP textbox. The IP address for the android hotspot is usually

These are the simple steps that you have to follow. You can get more detailed information from the Trinus Visual Reality site.

Trinus VR License Key

Trinus VR server license key is not much of an issue, as you are going to use the mod version it won’t be needed. On the other hand, the license work with the free Trinus CB VR Lite Android client which you can get from the site.

Trinus VR USB Tethering

Using tethering may require updating the Windows USB driver. Else, the connection might feel slower or it will fail. When you are using USB tethering, your computer will require the phone to connect to the internet unless you change Windows network selection priority.

Trinus VR Resolution

You get varying resolutions depending on the strength of your connection. A good connection gives you a good resolution while with a bad connection you don’t only get low quality resolution but also affect the speed of play.

Trinus VR Games

You can play games on Trinus Vr and enjoy the visual reality effect. Enjoy whatever type of game you want be it Mario Kart, Tomb Raider, GTA, or any other game, just connect the SteamVR and enjoy. You can also try Gloud Games Mod APk if you like this app.

Trinus VR Netflix

You can enjoy Netflix videos through google cardboard for which you need Trinus VR. Watch all your favorite movies in our home theater created via Thrius.

Trinus VR Free

  • It is very simple app.
  • Enjoy gear trinus vr for endless hours.
  • Easy to use and has simple interface.
  • It is somehow related to as Google Cardboard and alike apps.
  • And even one can say that Trinus Cardboard app is just an updated version of google cardboard or Oculus Rift etc.
  • And many more features one can explore while using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is that necessary to use the code for Trinus VR activation?

Yes, because when one try to use any virtual app to function as manual format, then it is necessary to use the code to activate it.

Does it show us the real image or video while using Trinus VR Setup?

Yes, actually the main function of this app is the same.

Do I trust the Trinus VR Cracked PC?

Yeah, in some cases, it may harm your device as sometimes you are not using its official link and hence may contain some virus and harm your device.


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