Zombie Diary 2 Evolution Mod APK v1.2.5 (Unlimited Money) 2022

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution Mod Apk gives you a chance to fight the zombies in new way with weapons, portions and the advanced plus cool mechs.
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Mountain Lion
Nov 25, 2022
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Zombie Diary 2 Evolution Mod Apk is an other zombies apocalypse game where you are surround with the army of brainless with weapons in one hand and magic portions in the other. Unlike other dead vs mortals game, it is flooded with unique features like huge variety of equipment in store, exciting modes, interesting characters, advanced machines and not to mention the zombie shop where you exchange zombie parts for human items.

The objective of Zombie Diary 2 is simple and easy to grasp; you have to kill the zombies without fearing and stopping to take a breath because if you do, you will become a zombie as well. The fantastic graphics never let you off any second as the flying flesh and bones of zombies during shooting, and the rich colors make everything come alive. Moreover, the sound effects along with the thrilling background music is absolute fun. So, download the game from this page without any second thoughts and keep reading to know what Zombie Diary Evolution 2 holds for you.

Zombie Diary 2 Evolution APK Info Table

Name Zombie Diary 2: Evolution
Developers Mountain Lion
Genre Action
Size 22MB
Version 1.2.5
Android Requirement 4.1 or up
Download 10000000+
Last Updated Nov 25, 2022

Download Zombie Diary 2 Mod

You can get Zombie Diary 2 Mod through simple methods.

To download on your Android device, you have to follow the interactions below.

  • First of all, turn on the unknown sources in your device settings.
  • Then swipe up on this page and tap on the green download button.
  • Save the app in your device memory or SD card.
  • Install and have fun!

If you want to download Zombie Diary 2 Evolution PC, the method are given below.

  • Search for the Mod APK version of the app on Chrome.
  • Hit on any of the sites on the first page.
  • Click the download button to get the app.
  • Save and install on your PC.
  • Enjoy the nonstop battle.

You can get it from Play Store as well effortlessly.

  • First, type the name of the game in the search bar and press enter.
  • The app will take you directly to the install button.
  • Hit the button to get the app.
  • You are good to go with Zombie Diary 2 apk. If you feel like it, you can check other sites to know more.

Zombie Diary 2 Gameplay

Zombies Diary starts with Lisa as your assistant whose job is to guide you at every step. She tells you where you have to take the start form and what to do at each location. She also leads to the store where you get information about the items to buy.

So the game starts with day 1, as you are keeping the record in your zombie diary. On your first day you are taken to the target location to kill zombies. It is quite fun and easy task die to the easy to master controls: 2 lets and right buttons and one fire button. You have to kills the number of zombies you are assigned at the beginning. Or you can play in modes like money mode, running mode and time limit more where you are assigned different job.

As you are surround with zombies all the time, it some time becomes hard to keep up, so you can collect items like heavy gun for easy killing, portions for health and protection, zombie items and more. You have an icon at the left side of the gameplay screen which helps you stay focused to your mission.

You are rewarded with coins, gems and gifts according to time, health, kills, and bonus. Moreover, you get tip about using the perfect items for each level before it starts. It helps you achieve your target efficiently. So, buy your best weapons, pick you favorite portion, wear the mech armor and get step into the field to make every shot count. If you enjoy it you would also like Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK.

Zombie Diary 2 APK Mod

Zombie Diary Evolution 2 is crowed with so many features that you get dizzy handling them. However, the more you play the game, the more exciting it would get. Lets dig digger into them:


You would have many thrilling mission at different locations that would never let you get bored any second. In other words, you don’t get stuck to one type of challenges that make the game dull for you. Rather, there is variety of tasks to perform which you can select according to your mode; you can play what ever you feel like without any pressure. The the type of mission or modes that you would experience are as follows.


  • Play the mission where you have to kill specific number of zombies they are shown with target icon.
  • Play in running mode to collect the items like meds, as Lisa directs you to.
  • You can play in the time limit mod where you complete the task in limited time.
  • Enjoy the money mode where the only purpose to play is to collect reward.


The mission take place at different location which are good at arousing more engagement with the game. It keep game exciting so that it is never not fun to play. Some of the locations that you visit are :

The Bloody Hospital

River Under Bridge

Death Cemetery

and more spooky locations that you unlock as you move to the higher levels.

Daily Tasks

Daily tasks keeps you cheered up as they give you rewards when you play some little tasks that are part of your daily routine. You can earn coins, diamonds and gifts by performing these tasks on regular basis. These tasks demands something like kill a specific number of zombies, watch videos and other common things.


Reward is one of the most thrilling things about the game. Unlike, many game the reward to not limited to coins and gems. Instead, you are regarded with gifts that contain special items like portions, swords, boots and machines etc. You can earn reward by many ways like playing missions, spinning wheels in slots, performing daily tasks, through achievements, and above all in zombie shop.


Coins are the regular type of reward that you get in good amount after you perform a task. When you play the mission you are paid handsomely. You roughly get coins around 3000 and bonus as well regarding how great you perform. You can use use coins to buy most of the regular items from the store.


Gems are a bit special currency that is harder to make than the coins. The gems in this game are diamonds that you have to se wisely as they are not too much to waste just like that. You get gems through mission, achievements, daily task and slots. Use gems to buy valuable items from store. Moreover, you can get gems from zombie shop.


The most unique reward type in this game are gifts. You are rewarded with one gift with each mission you play. There is no way around to get the special rewards. You can buy them from store as well and have as many as you want at a time. Besides, you collect them during the gameplay and use them under time limits. These gifts include:

  • HP Portion 1 and 2 for recovery
  • Defense Shield 1 and 2 for protection
  • Power Portion1 and 2 for damage
  • Speed Portion 1 and 2 for speed
  • Air Strike for bombs
  • Mark 7 Gun Turrent for heavy guns
  • Redswift-B for drones
  • White Knight 2 for drone


The shop of Zombie Diary is not and ordinary one, as soon as you enter this store you could not help WOW at the huge variety to keep make your shopping exciting. Lets take a look at the items available at the store.


The brave soldiers in the game are the ordinary people who are hell bent of killing every single one of the brainless zombies that are causing havoc in the city. They are listed first in the store starting form left. There are number of interesting personalities of characters to choose from. You can also upgrade them with the genetic portion to increase their immunity toward zombies. These characters are:

  • John Bob
  • J.K Sophia
  • Ray Park
  • Bane
  • Snake Eye
  • Alex Murphy and more.


After character section comes weapon section which you can choose for your battle against zombies. There are lots of options to choose from that you can buy with coins and gems. You can upgrade the weapons to higher levels starting from level one and gradually moving up with each upgrade. You with upgrade you can increase Level, F. Rate and Crit of the weapons. The weapons to choose from are:

  • Sig P220
  • Wrench
  • Guitar
  • Samurai Sword
  • Desert Eagle
  • Micro Uzi
  • Fn p20

and as you advance in game you unlock more exciting items. Moreover, you can equip up to four weapons at a time in each battle.

Special Items

The special item section include the rewards that give you special strengths and aid you many weighs in your gameplay. Some items you can buy with coins, while the others with gems. You can upgrade the items to increase their time limit. You can equip up to items at a time in a battle.

  • Long bottle icons shows HP Portion 1 that gives 50% recovery
  • Round bottle icons shows HP Portion 2 that gives 100% strength
  • Wooden shield icon shows Defense Shield 1 reduces 50% damage for 15s
  • Metal Shield Icon shows Defense Shield 2 reduces 100% damage for 15s
  • Boots icons for Speed Portion 1and 2 for 50% and 100% speed for 15s respectively
  • Rocket Icon for Air Strike for 3 huge bombs strike
  • Mark 7 Gun Torrent for automatic gun fire for 35s
  • RedSwift-B for drone strike for 45s
  • White Knight-11 for heavier drone strike.


Machines give you extra strength and reduce damage at the same time by supporting you with an amazing machine armor that. These are not ordinary armors yet they give you mere protection but they have guns attached that completely change your way of fighting the dead. You can upgrade the machines with their health, power and speed and increase their time duration. Some of the machines are:

  • Puma Real
  • Killer Whale
  • Crimson Typhoon
  • Strike Alpha
  • Dire Wolf
  • Romeo Blue
  • Nova Hyperion

Some of them can be bought with the coins while the heavy machines are expensive and you need gems to buy afford.

Zombie Shop

Zombie Shop is the best part of the game where you export zombie items for the goods that you need the most. You can collect zombies’ parts like eyes, brains and hearts and keep them in your stash. Whenever you feel like you are running out of portion, shield or gems, you can simply go to zombie shop and exchange the zombie items for the ones that you need. Isn’t it awesome!

Graphics and Sound Effects

Graphics of the game are pretty awesome in there simple way. Even through Evolution Zombie Diary 2 has 2D graphics, the rich colors never make you feel like any second that you are playing in cheaper quality. The designers have done done amazing job in this regard.

As for the sound effect, both the music and the sound quality is exciting to listen to. The music keep you enthusiastic while playing and sound makes every shot exciting. However, if you don’t like either or both you can turn them on or off right from the main screen or during the gameplay.

Zombie Diary 2 APK Unlimited Money and Gems

The mod features make the game even thrilling than it is already. Some of the features are as follows.

  • You get unlimited money and gems, to buy as much items as you want without worrying about running out of money.
  • Unlock all the challenges and visit any location you want.
  • Have all the weapons unlocked without the need to wait until higher stages.
  • Enjoy the game without any in-app purchases. Also try playing Zombie Gunship Survival Mod APK.


Even though Zombie Diary 2 is an incredible game itself, the mod features are required to stick to it for long enough and it is only possible though unlimited everything. The version provided in this article will never let you get bored with the game as you have everything unlocked and you can explore the whole game right from the beginning. So, do download it and let us know if both the file, and article helped you anyway. In case you need anything we are right here. Have a happy play!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to keep reloading the gun in Zombie Diary 2 Mod?

No, you don’t have to reload the weapons during a fight as they get filled on their own for the sake of convenience.

Can you change the fighters in Zombie Diary Evolution 2 APK?

Yes, you can use the reward to change the players according to your liking.

What do you get by spinning wheel in Zombie Diary 2 APK?

You may get coins, diamonds, Hermes Boots, portions, and exciting rewards.


What's new

Some bugs have been fixed.


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