Stick War Legacy MOD Apk v2022.1.34 (Unlimited Gems)

Take part in unique battles with every type of swordsmen, archers, magicians and giants to help you win the war in Stick War Legacy Mod Apk.
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Max Games Studio
Nov 22, 2022
4.4 or up

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Stick war legacy Mod Apk is very famous fighting game in which you act as a commander having latest version size of 78 MB. Remember one thing that in this game you will not fight with monsters or zombies to save yourself and your kingdom.

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You have minors to dig the gold for you, soldiers that would fight for the land. Moreover, you also have magicians and giants that would fight along side you in order to protect the lands. You just have to provide them with the best armors and weapons so they may fight their best and bring glory to their land. Though the Stick War ha simple graphics, the gameplay is so engaging that you won’t get enough of it. Also try Grow Empire Mod APK.

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Name Stick War Legacy for Android
Developers Max Games Studio
Genre Strategy
Size 78MB
Version 2022.1.34
Android Requirement 4.4 or up
Downloads 50000000+
Last Updated Nov 22, 2022

Download Stick War Legacy

Download link is already available and don’t worry about it. It is official and licensed download link. So if you are really interested in downloading the game, then you don’t need to around there to read the articles and search different sites because all the basic information will be provided here.

Download link is given here already in this article. You just need to tap this download button and it will start downloading automatically. While downloading process completed, open the game, and play it.

Installation of Stick War Legacy

First of all, download the game. Then go to the mobile setting and open the security folder. In this security options, click on the allow from unknown sources. After that go to the storage folder and click on the option install to it. Then click on done and open the game and play it to enhance your kingdom. You can get stick war legacy pc in the similar way you get it for Android.

Stick Man War

The storyline of Stick War is somewhat like the other civilizations where people had their own special weapons that they forged and the worshiped. In other words, the clans where divided on the bases of weapons there were Swordwrath, Archedon, Speartons and Magikills. All the clans where living in piece when one day they thought of getting the weapons of the other clans and thus wars broke among them. So each clan has to destroy the status of the opponent clan to occupy their land. And this is what the gameplay is about.

Stick War Legecy Game

Its gameplay is something different and unique material is added in it. Here you will be provided with different weapons and by using those weapons you have to increase and spread your Stick War Empire. And for this reason, you have to need some basic requirements.

Actually when I talk about requirements, it means that you need a huge or bulk amount of the army and soldiers in this army must be brave and loyal to you. And also one wise, brave, and managerial commander also very important and necessary to form and control that army.

As I earlier mention that in this game you will not face any monsters or zombies to kill them and save yourself but here is something different. Actually in this game you will be provided weapons like needles and sticks and related instruments to attack on the other players and increase the territory of your kingdom as you can.

Hence, you have to build the army which must be in great numbers, and you will officially command that army and attack on the other kingdoms. After the successful attack and when you defeated that players, can implement your rules and regulations in that territory.

You can control attack, defense and ambush in the game. Besides, you can control each player in the game and attack apart from the whole army to the specific points you want.

Stick Wars Unlocked Games

Stick Man War games are unique in their own ways and gives the players and new way of looking at the wars. If you have fun playing the version 1 you should move to the next versions as well which are equally enjoyable. Also check Total conquest Mod APK.

Stick War 1

You can read the article thoroughly to know about the first version of Stick Figure War game. Here you have different soldiers and miners that go hand in hand to defeat the enemy with lots of interesting modes of the game and useful items in the store to make the most of.

Stick War 2

Stick War Legacy 2 has the same type of gameplay as the version 2 but it includes more interesting features and modes that give you even better gameplay experience. You can buy fascinating items, wear stronger armor get more gems and much more things that will hook you to the game.

Stick War 3

Stick War Legacy 3 is the upcoming version of the game and it exceeds all the previous ones in graphics, gameplay mode and war experience that you have been missing in the older ones. When it releases you would find that it was worth waiting for it.

Stick War 2 Unblocked

The game is swamped with interesting features that would bring you enormous fun once you get started playing it. So, lets take a look at them.


The first fascinating thing about the game is the mode you choose to play in. When you start off playing the game you only get to play in the Classic Campaign mode but the rest of the modes are unlocked as you make progress. The modes are:

  • Classic Campaign
  • Mission Weekly Levels
  • Tournament Mode
  • Endless dead

All the modes have their own specialty the campaign mode involves real progressive battles, Weekly Mission gives you missions according to the season as Halloween and Chrisman, Tournament modes lets you battle with the people from around the world or your friends, Endless Dead modes, is the most exciting one as here you keep fighting and stop when you get tiered. You can also try other sources in search of information.


You can skin your Miners, Swordwrath, Archor, Spearton, Magikill and in different skins from simple to:

  • Leaf
  • Ice
  • Savage
  • Lava
  • Undead
  • Vamp

All these skins gives you strength in the war, and you just not get more powerful but these skins consume lesser gold, gives more product and increase health and more.


The shop has quite amazing items to buy that you can use during the war in critical situations. These items are used under 20 seconds of limited time. However, the damage they cause really makes a difference in the war.

  • Miner Hustle increases the mining speed and production
  • Swordwrath Rage increases the rage of the Swordwrath soldier and they cause more damage.
  • Archidon Rain is for Archeon and rains arrows at the enemies.
  • Spearton Madness includes thrown spears that pierce the enemy with double damage.
  • And there are more items that you can buy with gems and use during the battles whenever you feel like you are stuck.


Armory is the upgrade you get after every battles in campaign mode or before going to the battle field in tournament mode. Through armory you can make you soldiers more powerful by upgrading their helmets, spears, arrows, spells, the size of the giant and more.

In campaign mode you get only two upgrades after each battles but in tournament mode you can get as many as 50 before the tournament starts this way you can go prepared to the battles.


The map shows you how many lands you have occupied and how many are left. The map shows up after every battle you win. And you can makes plans according to the maps. On the map you have following areas:

  • Order
  • Sworthwarth
  • Speartons
  • Magikills
  • Westwind
  • No Man’s Land
  • Ice Hills
  • Desert

You have to occupy all the lands on the map by destroying the statues of each clan. Once you are done with one clan you can move to the next.


You get a certain number of stars after every battle with fill the meter for the chest, when the meter is full you can open the chest. The chests contain many exciting surprises for you that could be gems, keys to unlock the features and more.


The gems are the currency you use in the game, you can buy things like magic items from the shops, skins for the soldiers, chests, and more. Be careful to use the gems wisely as they are given to you after each battles and in a bulk amount when you win bigger challenges.

Stick War Legacy Mod APK(Unlimited Gems)

  • It has easy and simple plot.
  • Easy to use.
  • Simple interface.
  • Defend and increase your kingdom.
  • MOD features are also available.
  • Unlimited money and Gems are available.
  • It is a fun strategy game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Stick War are not available to me even in MOD version?

When even there is no amount, you can even spend the gems. And then you spend will increase when you go to the “ shop “.

What’s new in MOD version of Stick War Legacy?

In this version, one can get free shopping, gems, coins, and gold even. Unlimited fun you can enjoy in it.

What should I do if installation process not complete of Stick War Legacy?

Uninstall the app first. Go to the setting. Reboot the mobile. Then reinstall the game and try now. Hope so it will work now.


What's new

Archidon small speed buff
New and updated missions!


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